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Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Chicago Med.

Chicago Med is an NBC medical drama that has been on the air since 2015. The series follows the staff of an emergency room in the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Centre as they attempt to balance their stressful and high-stakes work lives with their personal lives. Chicago Med is part of a shared continuity with both Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. The shared continuity has also led to several crossover events between the three TV shows, with the crossover events including plots from city-wide pandemics to disasters such as building fires.

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The show is incredibly popular and brings in millions of viewers per episode in the United States alone. Users of the site IMDb have rated their favorites, which gives an idea of the best episodes of the beloved series. If fans are looking to revisit some of the best Chicago Med episodes, these are great places to start.

Updated on November 11, 2021, by Jake Koran: With the seventh season currently airing, there have been many exceptional episodes of Chicago Med over the years. The best episodes of Chicago Med pull at the heartstrings of the audience by showing these relatable characters overcoming obstacles and doing the job they set out to do. While some episodes are heartbreaking, others are inspiring, and the best Chicago Med episodes connect with viewers and keep them watching.

10 The Things We Do (S4, Ep12) – 8.2

Ava and Connor looks back while helping a patient in Chicago Med episode "The Things We Do"

When a helicopter crash-lands, Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead rush to the scene to help those that were inside. Back at the hospital, Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker must work together to help a patient, which is difficult because of the opinions they have of each other.

Each story in this episode is full of tension, with some resolutions being upsetting and having implications for the future. There are some heavy subjects in this episode, making it one that sticks with audiences. Episodes like “The Things We Do” are what make Chicago Med compete with some of the drama series with the best re-watch value.

9 Forever Hold Your Peace (S4, Ep21) – 8.3

Ethan and April talk while April holds a baby in Chicago Med episode "Forever Hold Your Peace"

In this episode, Dr. Rhodes tends to a young patient who has broken his arm while skateboarding but is refusing to allow any needles to be used in his treatment. In addition to this, Dr. Rhodes also learns that his father has sadly died. In addition to the Dr. Rhodes plot, April must look after Dr. Choi’s sister’s baby after the child is abandoned by the mother, and Dr. Halstead makes a difficult decision when it comes to talking to Maggie.

“Forever Hold Your Peace” is an episode all about tough decisions and realizations, and it tests the characters who are put in difficult positions. It is a great episode that shows that not every decision has a clear answer, and it puts some fan favorites in some unfortunate situations, increasing the drama and audience investment.


8 Status Quo, AKA The Mess We’re In (S7, Ep4) – 8.3

Stevie and Vanessa talk to someone in Chicago Med episode "Status Quo, aka The Mess We're In"

With the show in its seventh season, Chicago Med could have gone the way of TV dramas that lasted too long, but it has stayed intriguing for fans. “Status Quo” features several storylines revolving around doubt, including Maggie, Dr. Hammer, and Dr. Taylor not believing a patient’s supposed diagnosis. In addition, Dr. Halstead investigates potential fraud by a doctor, which he continues from previous episodes.

This episode is exciting partly because of Dr. Halstead’s continued investigation which, because it has been happening for the entire season, keeps viewers on edge about what will happen next. The revelations made during this episode are also incredibly interesting and help to cement Season 7 as one to continue to look forward to.

7 A Square Peg In A Round Hole (S7, Ep7) – 8.3

Will and Sharon talk while standing over a patient's bed in Chicago Med episode "A Square Peg in a Round Hole"

In the episode “A Square Peg in a Round Hole,” Halstead continues to look into Dr. Cooper, whom he believes is taking kickbacks. He was prompted by Sharon in the previous episode to continue his investigation. Also, Dr. Choi prepares to return to the hospital after he had been gone the entire season.

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This episode, though new, has stuck with audiences who are fans of the main characters. Dr. Choi, after being shot in the finale of the sixth season, is set to return to his job soon, which viewers certainly appreciate because he is a beloved character. With the drama ramping up in “A Square Peg in a Round Hole,” the remainder of the seventh season is set to be exciting.

6 When To Let Go (S4, Ep2) – 8.3

This episode of the medical series features a cross-over with Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire. Stella Kidd is brought to the hospital in a critical condition, with the possibility of losing one of her lungs, which would effectively end her career. In addition to this, Dr. Manning and Dr. Bekker treat a patient with horrific burns, and Dr. Halstead’s father is admitted to the hospital but later dies as a result of the injuries. Dr. Choi also treats a patient with bad burn injuries but suspects there is more to the story than initially thought.

“When to Let Go” is a serious episode that effectively sets up the stakes of certain situations going poorly, which keeps fans concerned for their favorite cast members and the patients. It also deals with some heavy subjects, which shows that this series is interested in exploring serious issues. Chicago Med is not immune to the clichés that many medical dramas suffer from, but “When to Let Go” is a heartfelt episode that shows the passion that goes into the show.

5 The Ground Shifts Beneath Us (S5, Ep11) – 8.4

Natalie tries to grab a fire extinguisher in Chicago Med episode "The Ground Shifts Beneath Us"

In “The Ground Shifts Beneath Us,” there is a plane crash that lists a peer as one of the victims, but the staff is uncertain of that. There is more drama when Dr. Manning finds a baby alone in a car in the winter of Chicago, prompting her to attempt a rescue and find the parents.

Situations hit close to home in “The Ground Shifts Beneath Us,” leading to some tough decisions that have to be made and making the storylines more interesting for people invested in the characters. Some factors in the episode are mysterious and even confuse the medical staff, turning this episode into not only a dramatic one but also one that will make audiences think.

4 With A Brave Heart (S4, Ep22) – 8.5

Maggie and Sharon talk in Chicago Med episode "With a Brave Heart"

“With a Brave Heart” was the last episode of the fourth season and consequently features a high amount of drama. Agent Lee reveals to Dr. Halstead that one of Ray Burke’s sons has recently been released from prison, so Halstead may be in danger as a result. Later in the episode, when Dr. Manning goes to speak to Dr. Halstead, Ray Burke’s son appears and hits them over the head, knocking Manning unconscious. Aside from the violence in this episode, Dr. Rhodes discovers that his father overdosed on insulin and suspects foul play, Dr. Choi and April treat a patient with extreme allergies, and Maggie learns that she has metastatic breast cancer.

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The season finale gripped audiences by putting some of its main characters in danger, which created many tense moments throughout the episode. The drama was incredibly well done, making each moment feel as if it was of the utmost importance. While certain aspects were focused on harm from malicious people, other parts feature medical drama that fans are accustomed to, giving the audience several interesting storylines.

3 To Lean In, Or To Let Go (S7, Ep2) – 8.5

Vanessa talks to Maggie in Chicago Med episode "To Lean In or to Let Go"

Continuing certain conflicts that began in the first episode of the seventh season, “To Lean In, or to Let Go” features Dr. Halstead as he investigates potentially fraudulent activities from a doctor. Also, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Archer have differing opinions on treating a victim of a motorcycle crash. Furthermore, Dr. Halstead and Dr. Hammer must work to treat a patient whose mother is overly protective.

This episode is fascinating because of all the conflicts between the medical staff. Dr. Halstead and Dr. Hammer have history, which makes their scenes tense, but they must work together to find a solution for the situation they find themselves in. “To Lean In, or to Let Go” also has some interesting medical storylines, so fans of both personal drama and medical drama will enjoy this episode greatly.

2 Infection, Part II (S5, Ep4) – 8.6

“Infection, Part II” is another crossover event with both Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire. As the episode title suggests, this episode is based around an aggressive flesh-eating bacterial infection that has spread across Chicago. The police suspect that the outbreak may be a result of terrorist activity due to the fact that the infection is only reported in the two areas of Chicago that are most densely populated.

This complete three-part event is almost movie length in its scope and does a fantastic job of ratcheting up the tension. It is part medical drama and part mystery, providing a fascinating storyline that keeps the tension high. “Part I” is technically a Chicago Fire episode, and “Part III” is a part of Chicago P.D., but “Part II” is an excellent episode of the three-part saga and is one of the reasons many people think that Chicago Med is a medical drama that is even better than Grey’s Anatomy.

1 Never Let You Go (S4, Ep19) – 8.8

April closes a privacy curtain in Chicago Med episode "Never Let You Go"

“Never Let You Go” is perhaps Chicago Med‘s most drama-filled episode. The hospital is effectively under siege as a teenager with a gun holds several people hostage. The teenager does this as he has recently learned that his pregnant girlfriend has decided to put their baby up for adoption, so the teenager wants to take the baby with him. As a result, Dr. Choi is unable to perform surgery on a young child and instead must instruct April on how to carry out the surgery.

With so much tension in one episode, it is one of the easiest to get invested in. Every situation could turn out badly for the cast and the patients of the hospital. It may not be the last episode of the fourth season, but the stakes make it feel as if it could be. Fan favorites are tested in ways they have never been before, making the viewers care for them even more.

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