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Disney has a number of quotes and phrases that many fans adore and live by. And there is perhaps no more quotable group of characters than the Disney princesses.

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Most Disney princesses have a signature song, whether it’s about love or what they most desire, so some of these quotes are song lyrics. But not all princesses are singers so will often have a moment of interaction that best reflects their personality. Regardless of whether it’s a song or speech, each princess is unique in personality, temperament, and in some cases ambition, thus, they will each have at least one quote that perfectly sums them up.

10 Snow White

“I’m So Ashamed Of The Fuss I Made.”

The first-ever Disney princess to grace the silver screen is Snow White. Sweet, kind, and gentle, Snow White easily wins over the hearts of anyone she meets, be it the Prince, the dwarves, or the many woodland animals she meets.

Snow White is also an extremely selfless and thoughtful person, and one such example is her first response to meeting the animals of the forest. Although in distress herself, the first thing she does is apologize to the animals for frightening them instead: “I’m awfully sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you… I’m so ashamed of the fuss I made.” Snow White has a number of great quotes but it is perhaps this moment that best captures Snow White’s pure and kind nature.

9 Cinderella

“They Can’t Order Me To Stop Dreaming.”


Cinderella remains one of the most popular and beloved princesses to this day. With a cruel stepmother and two selfish stepsisters making her life miserable, Cinderella remains patient and is strong and optimistic in herself.

This is because she is a dreamer and it’s her hopes and dreams that keep her going. When the clock loudly chimes in the morning, Cinderella insists “even he orders me around… but they can’t order me to stop dreaming.” Dreaming is the one thing that Lady Tremaine and her daughters have no control over and it is dreaming that keeps Cinderella strong, even at her most low.

8 Ariel

“Ready To Stand And Ready To Know What The People Know! Ask Them My Questions And Get Some Answers.”

Ariel was the first Disney princess to appear in the Disney Renaissance period. The eponymous character of The Little Mermaid, Ariel is curious and a dreamer, who wants nothing more than to see the human world. This desire increases greatly when she falls in love with Prince Eric.

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Ariel’s desires are most easily expressed in the song “Part Of Your World.” Before Eric, Ariel wanted to see the human world to satisfy her curiosity and learn more than what she can find out through her many “gadgets and gizmos.” So this is perhaps why the quote that best sums up Ariel is the above lyric.

7 Belle

“For Once, It Might Be Grand To Have Someone Understand.”

In the beloved Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, Belle is the daughter of eccentric inventor Maurice. A combination of Belle’s best and worst traits is that she is an avid bookworm and dreamer but this has made her lonely and the town’s misfit. Even Gaston, who wishes to marry Belle, openly expresses how “it’s not right for a woman to read.”

As a result, Belle feels misunderstood and naturally wants out of the town’s “provincial life”. Whilst she expresses these feelings of loneliness to her father, it is in the reprise of the song ‘Belle’ that most reflects Belle’s status as a misfit and a dreamer. It comes after Gaston proposes to her and it is perhaps Belle’s breaking point.

6 Jasmine

“I Am Not A Prize To Be Won!”

Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan in Aladdin. But it’s made clear from the start that she doesn’t enjoy the life of being a princess. She has to have all of her decisions made for her, including the suitors she can select from.

But that doesn’t mean Jasmine will stand for it. For example, one rather satisfying moment is when she angrily reprimands the Sultan, Jafar, and Aladdin (disguised as Prince Ali) for trying to decide who she marries: “I am not a prize to be won!” This moment shows that Jasmine is headstrong and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, especially when the villainous Jafar is concerned.

5 Pocahontas

“What I Love Most About Rivers Is You Can’t Step In The Same River Twice.”


Daughter of the Native American chief Powhatan, Pocahontas is one of Disney’s more free-spirited princesses. Whilst loyal to her tribe, she is often found exploring the forests with her friends Meeko and Flit and spending time with the wise Grandmother Willow.

Pocahontas has not one but two songs in the movie. Her first song “Just Around The Riverbend” gives a real insight into her personality, from her love of nature to her doubts about her future. The opening line “What I love most about rivers is you can’t step in the same river twice” most strongly captures her free spirit, adventurous and curious traits, and her love and respect for nature.

4 Tiana

“There’s Been Trials And Tribulations. You Know I’ve Had My Share. But I’ve Climbed The Mountain, I Crossed The Rivers. I’m Almost There.”

Tiana in The Princess and the Frog

Released in 2009, The Princess and the Frog was a nostalgic return to the traditional Disney fairy tale. Only it was given a more refreshing twist in regards to setting and characters, one of the most notable being the heroine, Tiana.

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Tiana’s dreams lie not in finding a prince but in opening her own restaurant. As a result, she is an extremely hard worker and will not even let being turned into a frog get in the way of her ambitions. Tiana’s song “I’m Almost There” encompasses her strong work ethic and determination, with the line above perhaps summing it up the most. It’s no wonder it’s one of Disney’s most inspiring songs.

3 Merida

“I Don’t Want My Life To Be Over. I Want My Freedom!”

Merida using her bow and arrow in Brave Cropped

Brave is one of Pixar’s most unique movies and one of its most popular. One reason is because of the lead protagonist Merida, the feisty and fiery tomboy princess of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. Brave is also unique in regards to Disney movies, as Merida deviates greatly from the typical Disney princess trope.

Merida is stubborn, free-spirited, and headstrong. She would rather be out practicing archery than doing the expected princess duties that her mother says she should be doing, including choosing a potential husband. And this is perhaps best reflected in Merida’s practice speech to what she wants to tell her mother. Merida may be strong but she is also vulnerable and this line and moment is a good example of this.

2 Anna

“This Is Awkward. Not That You’re Awkward But Just Because We’re – I’m Awkward. You’re Gorgeous. Wait, What?”

Anna is one of two princesses of Frozen but Elsa is crowned queen not long into the movie. Whereas elder sister Elsa is reserved and keeps to herself (for obvious reasons), Anna is warm and sociable yet she is also rather goofy and relatably awkward.

This is perhaps most demonstrated when she first encounters Hans. She fumbles her lines whilst he helps her up, a far cry from the graceful princess that is usually expected. The combination of social awkwardness and the fact it defies typical princess tropes is what makes this quote an ideal summary of Anna.

1 Moana

“I Wish I Could Be The Perfect Daughter But I Come Back To The Water No Matter How Hard I Try.”

Moana (2016) - Auli'i Cravalho

The daughter of island Montunui’s tribe chief, Moana is one of Disney’s newest princesses. The island has forbidden voyaging on the ocean of any sort but from the moment of infancy, Moana’s heart lies with the ocean.

Moana’s dilemmas and wanderlust are perhaps best captured with the above lyric from one of Disney’s more recent beloved princess songs “How Far I’ll Go.” As next in line to become chief, Moana feels a sense of duty and pride to help her people. But equally she wants nothing more than to see what lies beyond the horizon. As a result, she is torn between caring for her tribe and family, and her itching desire to explore the oceans and this quote perfectly summarizes this.

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