5 Reasons Carla Is Better With Samuel (& 6 Reasons She Is Better Off Without)



Over the four seasons of Élite, fans have seen a lot of changes. Sadly, one of its greatest losses was the grand love stories the viewers had been invested in for years. While it seems that there may be hope for Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeu) and Nadia’s (Mina El Hammani) relationship, the same cannot be said for Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) and Carla’s (Ester Expósito) romance, who decided to call it quits in the “Short Stories.”

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However, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for a reunion. Since this is Escamilla’s last season and the Élite writers like to keep things fresh and unpredictable, anything is possible. Yet, given that Carla has always been in a relationship and didn’t get many opportunities to do things for herself, it might be best that they stay apart for the time being? After all, despite Samuel being a good influence, there were also times where they were bad for each other.

Why Carla Is Better With Samuel

Samuel Was The Only Person To Humanize Her

An image of Carla looking wary in Elite

Out of all the relationships Carla has been in, her brief romance with Samuel allowed the fans to see a more humane side to her. When it came to her relationships with Polo and Christian (Miguel Herrán), there wasn’t really a personal connection. Carla got bored with Polo because their relationship was predetermined by their parents. On the other hand, her relationship with Christian was purely physical.

However, Carla’s relationship with Samuel was the complete opposite. Samuel refused to fall for her games and remained true to his morals. He also seemed to be the only one who looked beyond the titles and wealth and saw Carla for who she truly is. This is all Carla ever wanted and the fact that Samuel was the first person to do this meant he will always have a special place in her life.

Samuel Makes Carla Realize Her Self-Worth

An image of Carla talking to Samuel in Elite

Before Carla’s relationship with Samuel, the teen was shown to have her guard up and could only find joy in materialistic things. After all, many of her classmates would refer to her as “The Marchioness” because they knew that she loved some of the finer things in life. However, this all changed when she got into a relationship with Samuel.

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After discovering she was just as happy staying in, eating leftovers, or watching television, Carla stopped finding value in luxury goods. It was because of Samuel that Carla was able to recognize that money didn’t always bring happiness and that she should be with someone who loved everything about her.

Carla Had Become More Selfless As A Result Of The Relationship

An image of Carla and Samuel kissing in Elite

When the viewers first met Carla, she was quite selfish and mean. Along with her other Las Encinas classmates, she was seen to mock all the other scholarship students and wouldn’t even acknowledge them unless she wanted something. However, the romance she had with Samuel did allow viewers to see her a selfless and moral.

Not only did her love for Samuel persuade Carla into doing the right thing and confessing to the police that Polo and her father were criminals, but they also saw her do her best to protect Samuel from her father wrath. It was Samuel who always brought this selfless side out of her so it wasn’t that surprising that the Elite fans gravitated and loved the couple so much.

Samuel Challenges Carla & Makes Her Want To Be Better

An image of Carla smiling at Samuel at the restaurant in Elite

What makes Samuel different from all of Carla’s suitors is that he is her equal. With Polo and Christian, there was always a power dynamic at play. Carla was usually the one in control and would dictate how their relationship would play out. However, while Christian and Polo were happy to go along with her terms, Samuel was different and refused to let her hide behind façade.

Although Carla did try to push Samuel away, the viewers did see that Samuel’s efforts weren’t pointless. By challenging Carla’s motives, Samuel made her realize that it wasn’t right to go around manipulating or dismissing people’s feelings and that she should start treating people with respect.

Carla & Samuel Are Happiest Together

An image of Carla and Samuel pressing their foreheads to each other in Elite

One of the reasons why Carla may try to salvage a relationship with Samuel is because they were genuinely happy together. Over the three seasons she was in, fans have watched as Carla has been granting favors and helping others.

However, if this series has taught the viewers anything, it’s that life is too short to be letting anyone or anything dictate your happiness. If Carla wants a future with Samuel, she shouldn’t give it up after one fight. In a few years’ time, they could end up finding their way back to one another if that was what they truly wanted.

Why Carla Is Better Without Samuel

Carla Framed Samuel’s Brother For Murder

An image of Nano looking concerned in Elite

While Samuel and Carla decided to make a go of things, there were some who wondered how his brother, Nano (Jaime Lorente), would have reacted if they did manage to start a life together. After all, she did frame him for his girlfriend, Marina’s (Maria Pedraza), murder when the real culprit was her childhood sweetheart, Polo (Alvaro Rico).

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What made the situation even worse was that Nano suffered a lot because of this. Not only did Nano have to listen to months of slander but he was also forced to leave Samuel and his mother behind as the police believed he was guilty. Carla’s actions did essentially tear the Garcia Dominguez family apart so she would have a long journey ahead of her if she wanted  Nano or Samuel’s mother’s (Irene Arcos) blessing.

Samuel & Her Family Never Get On

An image of Carla's father standing next to his car in Elite

Despite everything that her father (Ruben Martinez) and mother (Lola Marceli) had done to her, going even as far as to push her into a relationship with Yeray (Sergio Momoa), Carla still couldn’t find it in herself to cut all ties with them.

Although Samuel was unaware that her father had also threatened him and forced her into a romance with Yeray, it’s likely that the two would have had a deadly showdown if he had. Carla would have done anything to protect Samuel from being dragged into her family affairs, so it made sense that she would try and keep him out of her life. It just devastated fans that she would never be happy if her father continued to be in her life.

Carla Deserved To Go On A Journey Of Self-Discovery

An image of Carla walking away from Samuel at the airport in Elite

While Carla and Samuel’s fans were hoping for the couple to end up together, it didn’t surprise them that Carla ended up leaving for London. For three seasons, Carla had been involved in four relationships. She has also said that she has been in some form of a relationship since she was 12 years old.

From what fans have seen, Carla tends to put her boyfriend’s or family’s needs ahead of her own happiness. Although it was upsetting to see them break up in the “Short Stories,” there was something quite satisfying about Carla having the opportunity to put herself first and to go after her dreams.

The Games Samuel & Carla Played Destroyed Any Trust They Had

An image of Carla and Samuel confronting each other in the bathroom in Elite

While no one can fault Samuel for wanting to clear his brother’s name, the cat-and-mouse games Carla and Samuel played at the beginning inadvertently destroyed any trust between them. There may have been a lot of love between the two but there was also plenty of lies and betrayals too.

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Whereas season 2 saw Carla and Samuel engage in a casual relationship in order to hide/uncover the truth over Marina’s murder, season 3 also saw the mistrust between the teens increase as they both questioned whether the other person’s feelings were real. If they didn’t have any faith in one another then they would be setting themselves up for failure.

Samuel & Carla Lack Maturity

An image of Samuel and Carla sharing a bed in Elite

If there was anything that fans learned from the “Short Stories” plots, it was that Carla and Samuel still lacked maturity. This mainly came down to the fact that the pair had serious communication issues and would avoid discussing them.

At this point in time, Carla seems to believe their different lifestyles and social circles are the main reason for their relationship not working while Samuel can’t seem to set aside pride and accept that people just want to help and support him. Instead of talking about them, they either run away or jump to conclusions. Until they both got over these obstacles, their relationship would collapse so it’s better for Carla and Samuel to be apart so they can continue to grow.

Dating Other People May Help Them In The Long Run

An image of Samuel and Ari debating in Elite

As Samuel and Carla don’t appear to be in contact with one another since she left for London, the viewers saw Samuel return to Las Encinas in Élite’s season 4, attempting to on with his life. While Samuel’s romance with Ari (Carla Díaz) hasn’t been the most popular with fans since it almost destroyed his friendship with Guzmán, it may prove to be beneficial in the long run in terms of his romance with Carla.

Since his relationship with Ari hasn’t exactly been portrayed in the best light (since she was seen to mock his background and believes her wealth makes her better than him), this might add to Samuel’s growth. He may come to appreciate the connection he had with Carla and realize this was better than anything he has had with anyone else (which is what Carla might also experience in London). This distance could be the best thing to happen to them.

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