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1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton was accused of physically assaulting a nurse. Here are the details about the rumor and Tammy’s response.

Tammy Slaton has been accused of some controversial things throughout her time on 1000-lb Sisters, but one memorable allegation made against the reality star is that she physically assaulted a nurse. Tammy’s been unpopular for losing her temper with her sister and dating married men, but reports that the television personality got into a physical altercation with a nurse shocked the 1000-lb Sisters star’s fanbase. From details of the rumored incident to Tammy’s response, here’s everything there is to know about the allegations that Tammy slapped a nurse.

The Slaton sisters are known for being at the center of a scandal, even in the years before they landed their own reality TV series. Amy was arrested for stealing an $8 book from Walmart in 2010, and fans slammed her for scamming them after she lied about needing funds to buy a coffin for Tammy. Additionally, Tammy accused Amy of abusing her dog, Lil Bit, by leaving it in the car on a hot July day. All of Amy’s controversies came to light while the Slaton sisters were popular on their YouTube channel, and although Tammy managed to stay out of trouble during the early to mid-2010s, she has found herself at the center of several scandals since starring on 1000-lb Sisters.

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Tammy has struggled to meet her weight loss goals due to her ongoing battle with food addiction. Although Tammy has agreed to start dieting, she either doesn’t lose enough or actually gains some weight back at check-ins with her doctors. Because Tammy isn’t always able to successfully lose weight on her own, she has been a patient at facilities that closely monitor the reality television star’s diet and exercise. Word spread that at one of these rehabilitation facilities, however, Tammy hit a nurse. In March, SoapDirt revealed, “accusations have come out against her, accusing her of physically assaulting a nurse.” Even though the gossip site didn’t supply a source for the rumor, many of Tammy’s fans confronted the 1000-lb Sisters star about the unfounded report. According to The List, one of Tammy’s followers wrote in a now-deleted post, “I heard you smacked a nurse. Why Tammy?

Tammy Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

Understandably, Tammy was upset that her followers judged her based on uncertified rumors. Furthermore, Tammy was now dealing with the abuse accusations, which can stick with a television personality if not addressed directly. Not long after SoapDirt published the article that featured the alleged slapping, Tammy decided to put an end to the hearsay and denounce the rumor. In a deleted Instagram post, Tammy explained, “Y’all going to have to stop believing everything you hear and see.” Tammy asserted that she never got violent with a nurse and promised that she wouldn’t “hit or kick or bite or throw something at a nurse.” Tammy slammed her fans that spread the accusation, stating that anyone who believed she slapped a nurse was “dumb as a box of rocks.” Tammy’s denial seemingly convinced her fans as assaulting a nurse isn’t one of the scandals that stuck with Tammy.

Tammy is known for lashing out at Amy for getting the wrong food and for making poor decisions when it comes to her love life, but the 1000-lb Sisters star isn’t usually a fighter. Although some fans were intrigued by the sourceless rumor, Tammy swiftly denied ever slapping a nurse. Surely, another rumor will distract from this puzzling allegation during the impending 1000-lb Sisters season 3.

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