All Of The Ways Tyra Banks Has Angered Viewers This Season



Many fans of Dancing With The Stars don’t like Tyra Banks as a host. Here are all of the reasons why Tyra has angered the viewers on DWTS season 30.

With just two weeks left until the finale of Dancing With The Stars season 30, host Tyra Banks has angered viewers on numerous occasions throughout the season. This is Tyra’s second season as the host of DWTS. She joined the cast during season 29 after longtime host Tom Bergeron and his co-host Erin Andrews were shockingly fired prior to the start of the season.

Since Tyra joined the show as a solo host, longtime viewers have not been impressed by her hosting skills. So much so that a petition called for her removal from DWTS not long after her debut. Many fans felt that Tyra made the show all about herself, as she would constantly try to relate to nearly anything the stars’ had to say in their post-performance interview. In addition to this, Tyra tended to turn the ballroom into her own runway each and every week. Then, to make matters worse, Tyra made a major mistake during a live elimination when she announced the wrong couple as being safe.


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Now, a year later, fans are still not happy that Tyra has taken over as host. Once again, Tyra has been making the show all about herself. With the addition of weekly theme nights, Tyra’s over the top outfits have gotten every more extreme. Not only that, but she also had an outfit change during nearly every live show. Her absurd outfits have been hated so much that even the Jurassic World franchise bashed her for dressing like a dinosaur. If turning the ballroom into her own runway was not enough, Tyra also has a tendency of turning all conversations around to be about herself. Just a few weeks ago, during Janet Jackson Night, Tyra bragged about her friendship with Janet, which fans found to be annoying as well.

Tyra Banks Dancing With The Stars Premiere

Aside from the way Tyra dresses and talking about herself a lot, viewers also feel she simply does not have the right hosting skills for this role. Since every show is live, mistakes happen; however, Tyra often times will point out these mistakes to the viewers at home. Although nearly all viewers are aware that Tyra wears an ear piece while hosting in order for production to be able to communicate with her, they do not like when she shares what they are telling her in her ear. This breaks the viewership barrier of live television in which these conversations are meant to be kept as a behind the scenes secret. Because the show has to stay on a strict time schedule due to their two hour time slot Tyra tends to rush the judges when they are critiquing the dancing duos as well as when they are casting their final votes for eliminations. Just last week during the second double elimination of the season, fans were left furious by the way Tyra handled the eliminations. She seemingly pushed an upset Olivia Jade Gianulli and Val Chmerkovskiy out of the way following their elimination in order to proceed with the second elimination. This was once again Tyra’s way of rushing through the show.

While fans have valid reasons for being angry with Tyra Banks this season, they only have to watch her hosting skills for two more live episodes before the season comes to an end. Unfortunately, a lot can happen in those two episodes that can anger fans even more. Despite many viewers begging for Tyra to be removed as the host of the dancing competition, it is very unlikely that it will happen anytime in the near future.

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