Captain America’s Iron Man Armor Just Got An Infinite Upgrade



Captain America just received a serious upgrade courtesy of his new armor from Tony Stark in the latest issue of Avengers: Tech-On.

Warning! Potential spoilers for Avengers: Tech-On #4 by Marvel Comics

The Red Skull has unleashed an army of Ultron’s on the powerless Avengers, leading Captain America to tap into his new superpowered Iron Man armor and unleash his own Infinite upgrade. In the latest issue of Avengers: Tech-On, Captain America reveals his armor has a seriously impressive power upgrade that makes him more powerful than ever before.

Captain America and the rest of the Avengers received their own Iron Man armor/mech suits after the Red Skull used the Infinity Mirror Shards to take away all of their powers. Captain America might have reverted to his Tiny Steve form, but his inner-hero couldn’t be stolen from him. In response, Captain America has suited up in a powerful Tony Stark-made armor to take on the Red Skull and whatever forces he’s thrown their way. In Avengers: Tech-On #4, Captain America shows off an impressive armor feature that gives him some serious power against an army of evil Ultrons.


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In Avengers: Tech-On #4 by Jim Zub, Jeff “Chamba” Cruz, and VC’s Travis Lanham, Tony Stark alerts Captain America and Captain Marvel that the Red Skull’s Ultron army is about to attack. When one of the Ultron bots tells Steve Rogers that it’s powered by the Infinite, Captain America shows off his own Infinite upgrade to his Iron Man-like armor. Captain America grabs his mech shield and places it in front of him as it joins his armor and turns his suit into an even stronger piece of tech.

The “Do Hatsu-10” protocol allows Captain America to form the powerful new suit. However, there’s a catch to using the upgrade. Captain America’s new suit can only use its new enhanced energy to operate for 10 minutes before it becomes depleted. Thankfully, the new armor would come in handy as Captain America would take down the Ultron robot before teaming up with the rest of the Avengers to stop Red Skull’s army of them. The comic ends with Black Panther telling Captain America that Shuri has cracked the secret behind Red Skulls Infinity Mirror Shard Powers.

It’s pretty incredible to see Captain America upgrade his own Iron Man armor mid-air by using his shield to turn his suit into an even more impressive piece of tech. But, the Infinite upgrade allowed the hero to become more powerful with the caveat it was only for a limited amount of time. Captain America and the rest of the heroes will need to pull off more tricks like the Infinite upgrade to stop the Red Skull, as the villain is on the ropes and completely out of control. Avengers: Tech-On #4 is in comic book stores now.

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