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Is there an Eternals after-credits scene that sets up a sequel or the next MCU movie? Chloe Zhao’s film is the 26th installment in the franchise.

Is there an Eternals after-credits scene that sets up a sequel or the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie? The Eternals movie has been in development for quite some time, dating back to before Phase 1 even ended, but the version that audiences can now see on-screen is radically different from what was originally envisioned all those years ago. Moreover, Eternals comes at an intriguing time in the franchise, with Marvel Studios experimenting with streaming series as well as various movies, like Black Widow and Shang-Chi.

Because of its differences and unique elements compared to the grander universe, Eternals became one of the most anticipated movies in Phase 4. A huge part of that is owed to Eternals‘ cast, which is not only the most diverse from all the MCU movies thus far but also carries significant star power with the likes of Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kumail Nanjiani, and more. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see Marvel want to continue this story with these characters in Eternals 2 or another film. The question is, will they set that up with an Eternals after-credits scene?

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In a way, yes, because Eternals has TWO post-credits scenes. Par for the course with Marvel movies, Eternals has one mid-credits scene and one end-credits scene. Even if there weren’t any Eternals after-credits scenes, it would still be worth sticking around to the end of the credits to see just the sheer number of people who worked on this film; it’s why the credits take a few minutes to scroll all the way through.

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Unfortunately for many people, the Eternals after-credits scene was already spoiled on social media following the film’s world premiere. Still, that particular spoiler only accounts for one credits scene. There’s still another Eternals end-credits scene that hasn’t been leaked, thus bringing the total post-credits scenes to two – a standard number for MCU films. It’s rare that only one post-credits scene comes in a Marvel film; usually there’s one scene that teases the movie’s sequel or character’s future, along with another scene that ties into the greater MCU franchise.

As with the previous Marvel film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, this is only the beginning for these new characters in the MCU. There’s a long and exciting future for the Eternals that could see them intersect with fan-favorite characters and villains down the line. And much of that could begin with what’s shown in the Eternals after-credits scenes.

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