Eddie & Rachel Discuss Starting Season Without Captain Lee



Below Deck’s Eddie Lucas and Rachel Hargrove discuss starting the season without Captain Lee and adjusting to Captain Sean’s management style.

First Officer Eddie Lucas and Chef Rachel Hargrove from Below Deck are talking about starting this season with a new captain, due to Captain Lee Rosbach’s health issues. Eddie started on the show back in its first season and stayed on until season 3. He decided to leave the show after a season-long affair with stewardess Raquel “Rocky” Dakota was revealed in the final episodes. It was clear he was over the drama and chose to bow out. He made his triumphant return in season 8, looking to redeem himself in the eyes of the fans after getting slammed on social media for how he handled his affair with Rocky. In season 9, he returns as bosun, but also as the first officer of the vessel.

Rachel’s Bravo debut was for season 8 of the show, and she made quite an impression on fans. She famously mouthed off in front of Captain Lee after reading a charter guest’s extremely demanding preference sheet. Despite her hilarious and candid comments, Rachel wasn’t always a favorite among the other crew members. While she was very good at her job, her behavior off the yacht was a problem. Rachel’s excessive drinking during their nights off rubbed some crew members (especially Eddie) the wrong way. Eddie and Rachel didn’t end up on great terms, so it will be interesting to see what their dynamic will be during the beginning of the new season. Fans wonder if they’ll be able to patch things up.

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Eddie and Rachel are letting fans in on their reaction to starting this season without Captain Lee, and sharing how they adapted to working with Captain Sean Meagher. As reported by E! News, the adjustment was difficult for Eddie, as he has a close relationship with seasoned seafarer Captain Lee. Eddie’s used to the way that Captain Lee manages his crew. According to Eddie, with a new captain, there is a period of trying to prove yourself as a bosun, while also trying to understand how the captain wants things done. He said it’s a really difficult situation to navigate. While dealing with his new leader, Eddie was very concerned about Captain Lee, as his reason for not being onboard was medical. Eddie was worried about the absent Captain’s health, as this is the second season in a row where he has boarded the yacht late due to a medical concern. Captain Lee later said that he did not have COVID-19.

Eddie and captain lee huggin goodbye on below deck

Chef Rachel claimed she had a much easier time adjusting to the change in leadership than Eddie did. She said there was a brief moment of shock, but it quickly subsided. Then, she got straight to work. Rachel claimed she knew Captain Lee wouldn’t be aboard at the start of the season, so she wasn’t as freaked out as she might have been. She considered Captain Sean a great leader but admits he created a different dynamic than Lee. Overall, the change didn’t bother her too much.

The series is known for showcasing the contrast between the wealthy people who charter a yacht and those who serve them. It is also renowned for the high drama between the crew members. It will be interesting to see what Eddie and Rachel’s relationship will be like this season, considering she was icing him out during the first episode. There seemed to be a lot of exciting action promised in the season’s teaser, but the big question is which cast members will clash during this Below Deck season. Will Rachel storm off as she did last time?

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