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Current players of Final Fantasy XIV can pre-order the new Endwalker expansion for early access before its official November 23 release.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the next expansion of Square Enix’s hit MMORPG, will be on sale on November 23 while Endwalker early access is scheduled to begin on November 19 at 1:00 am PT (4 am ET). Since A Realm Reborn‘s release in 2013, the conflict between the FFXIV‘s godly entities Hydaelyn and Zodiark has been growing more complex, and soon their saga will come to an end. Players excited to dive into new content and the story’s climax may want to pre-order so they can play as soon as possible.

Like previous Final Fantasy XIV expansions before it, players that own FFXIV and pre-order Endwalker at participating retailers are eligible to start playing a few days before the official release. Players that pre-order from the Square Enix Store will receive a pre-order confirmation email containing a link to validate their order. The linked page will also contain instructions for retrieving FFXIV: Endwalker early access and the pre-order code.

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To get FFXIV: Endwalker early access on Steam, players can find their promotional code by right-clicking FFXIV in their game library and selecting Manage > CD Keys. Players who purchase FFXIV: Endwalker digitally on PS4 or PS5 will not need to register a promotional code, as it links to their PlayStation Network account automatically. They will have to open FFXIV and from there follow instructions to choose the Service Account they wish to register it to.

Pre-Order FFXIV: Endwalker For Early Access And Bonus Items

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Basic Pre-order Bonuses and Alphinaud

After eligible players obtain their pre-order code, the next step is to log into the Mog Station with their Square Enix account. Under Account, players choose the Service Account they wish to apply the code to. Here there is a Registration Codes section with a button that says “Enter Pre-order Bonus Code (Early Access Code)“.

Entering the code here will register the player for Endwalker early access and immediately provide them with two Final Fantasy XIV in-game items: the Wind-up Palom minion and Menphina Earring. The Menphina Earring is a helpful tool for those leveling up for FFXIV: Endwalker, as when it is worn by characters level 1 through 80, it provides a 30% increase in EXP gained by defeating enemies. It’s also a suitable souvenir for the Endwalker journey to the moon, as Menphina is a goddess of both the moon and love.

When Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker‘s early access begins, Endwalker will be downloaded automatically. Players will be able to register their full game registration code on November 23. Right now, Endwalker‘s early access is tentatively scheduled to begin on November 19 at 1:00 am PT (4 am ET).

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