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Now that Meghan Markle has been in the limelight for her marriage to Harry and her dramatic interactions with the Royal Family, people tend to forget that she had quite a successful acting career long before Prince Harry found her. Her most famous role is, of course, as Rachel Zane on Suits, but she has dozens of other movie and tv roles to her name (background roles not included, unless they are named).

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At this point in time, Markle has retired from acting and is focusing on her husband and children – but she and Harry have still appeared on the small screen in their explosive interview with Oprah! Now, Markle will also be getting back into the industry, just behind the camera.

31 Suits, 2011-2018

Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane in Suits

Meghan Markle announced her departure from Suits, a legal drama series in which she played paralegal Rachel Zane for seven years, following her engagement to Prince Harry in 2017.

The role will likely remain her most famous, because she left it to marry into the Royal Family, but it’s also one of her best. She appeared in the series for over 100 episodes, and while she never won any awards for her work on Suits, the show as a whole was nominated and won several.

30 Dater’s Handbook, 2016

meghan markle in hallmarks Dater's Handbook

In 2016, Markle appeared in Dater’s Handbook, a Hallmark movie in which she played Cass, a successful business owner with a hopelessly unsuccessful dating life. It’s not until she receives a copy of the “dater’s handbook” that her luck begins to change. The film is the usual Hallmark sweet romance, and of course, fans have drawn parallels between Markle’s own life and a Hallmark movie!

29 Chopped Junior, 2016

Meghan Markle on Chopped Junior

Markle appeared very briefly on the Food Network’s Chopped Junior, right around the time she met Prince Harry. In the episode, she gives her honest feedback to one of the young, aspiring chefs.

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Of course, Markle does not have the kind of culinary experience that most cooking show judges would need for this, but like many other reality shows, she was brought in as a ‘celebrity’, rather than an ‘expert’.

28 When Sparks Fly, 2014

meghan markle in when sparks fly on hallmark

2014’s When Sparks Fly was Markle’s first foray into Hallmark movies, but it wouldn’t be her last. She portrayed Amy Peterson, a reporter who returns home only to come face to face with the one who got away. Unsurprisingly, this is a straightforward romance, and one that suited her charm.

27 Anti-Social, 2015

Meghan markle in anti social movie

In 2015, Markle appeared in the crime thriller Anti-Social. In the film, Markle is the girlfriend of a man whose brother is a criminal mastermind. However, the film was not a hit, with a disappointing 25% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was set in London, where she would permanently move two years later.

26 Random Encounters, 2013

meghan markle in Random Encounters

She wasn’t the lead in this one, but Markle appeared as the main character’s BFF in Random Encounters, a romantic comedy released in 2013. The romance wasn’t a particularly big hit, and is very similar to the kind of Hallmark movie that Markle would later become the main character in.

25 Castle, 2012

Meghan Markle in Castle

In a break from her usual typecasting, Markle portrayed a serial killer in Castle, the crime drama series on ABC. For an actress who was well-versed in romantic comedies, this was quite the step out of her comfort zone.

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Of course, this is one of several roles that show Markle is capable of much more than just sweet romance – something that would be highlighted in Suits.

24 Dysfunctional Friends, 2012

Meghan markle guest starring in Dysfunctional Friends

Markle played the role of a photographer in Dysfunctional Friends, a 2012 comedy-drama about nine estranged friends who are reunited after their larger-than-life friend unexpectedly dies. It was a short role, but she got her screen time in alongside some pretty reputable actors.

23 Horrible Bosses, 2011

Meghan markle in horrible bosses as a delivery girl

Horrible Bosses was a 2011 comedy with an all-star cast including Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey, and Jamie Foxx. Markle squeezed herself into this film with a cameo as a “FedEx girl.” This is, of course, only a very small cameo, but worth a mention as she is credited in it.

22 The Boys And Girls Guide To Getting Down

Meghan markle in The Boys And Girls Guide To Getting Down

The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down was originally an independent movie released in 2006, but was remade into a TV movie in 2011. Meghan Markle played Dana, a 20-something woman who parties her way through L.A. This is definitely not one of the high points of Markle’s film career.

21 The Candidate, 2010

Meghan Markle in The Candidate

The Candidate was a short sci-fi film released in 2010, about a secret organization and an ‘underhanded company man’. It’s only twenty minutes long, and Markle makes a cameo as a secretary named Cat. This is another role where the actress appears only in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it role.

20 Get Him To The Greek, 2010

Meghan Markle in Get Him To The Greek

No, that isn’t Kim Kardashian, that’s Meghan Markle in a tight gold dress! Actor/comedian Russell Brand had an opportunity to lock lips with the future Duchess of Sussex in Get Him to the Greek, a 2010 comedy film co-starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill

19 CSI: Miami, 2010

Meghan Markle carried in CSI

Markle appeared in CSI: Miami back in 2010 as Officer Leah Montoya, a heroic officer who gets carried out of a burning building. In this particular appearance, Markle is almost completely unrecognizable. And of course, the role isn’t long enough for her to make any real impact.

18 Remember Me, 2010

Markle as a bartender in Remember Me

Those with an eagle eye might have spotted Meghan Markle playing the small role of a bartender in 2010’s Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson. It’s worth noting that the movie was co-produced by Meghan’s former husband, Trevor Engelson.

17 The League, 2009

close up of Meghan Markle in The League

Megan played a lonely divorcee at a bar (opposite Mark Duplass) in a one-off role on The League, an FX improvised comedy show about a fantasy football league.

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Not her biggest role, but she did get a chance to flex her comedy muscles – and play something a little different to the naive romantics that would later be her Hallmark roles.

16 Fringe, 2009

At the time, Markle’s portrayal of Junior FBI agent Amy Jessup in Fringe was a departure from her usual roles, but her character only lasted for two episodes. Still, her portrayal of a stern FBI agent is a fantastic one.

15 Knight Rider, 2009

meghan markle in knight rider

A particularly surprising cameo is in the ill-fated reboot of the original TV show Knight Rider. Meghan Markle was cast as a woman named Annie Ortiz, a soldier turned cage fighter. The show might have been a failure, but thankfully Markle didn’t follow suit.

14 Without A Trace, 2009

markle in without a trace

Without a Trace was a police drama TV series following the cases of a Missing Persons Unit of the FBI in New York City. In an episode titled “Chameleon,” Markle plays a missing college student who turns out to be an imposter. Like many other procedurals, this was a one-off role for a solved case.

13 ‘Til Death, 2008

Markle as a car salesman in Til Death

Til Death, a short-lived starring Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher showcased Meghan Markle in one episode as a car salesperson named Tara. The sitcom, about a pair of newlyweds and an old married couple, wasn’t particularly popular, but this role shows how many bit parts Markle took before becoming a star.

12 90210, 2008

Meghan markle in a car in an episode of 90210

Meghan Markle played a small and very risque role as a girl named Wendy in 90210, the fourth series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise. Another very short scene, she appears as the person that Ethan is cheating on his girlfriend with – and they have a shocking moment together in a car.

11 Good Behavior, 2008

Before Suits, Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams were cast together in Good Behavior, a TV movie about a reformed criminal family in which Markle plays a woman named Sadie. Unfortunately, there are no pictures or clips of this movie to be found.

10 Deal Or No Deal, 2006-2007

Meghan Markle did her time as a briefcase model on Deal or No Deal, a job that helped her make ends meet while auditioning for bigger and better things. While this isn’t a role that really showcases her acting ability, it does showcase her willingness as a performer to pay her dues.

9 CSI: NY, 2006

Meghan Markle in CSI New York

Before she appeared on CSI: Miami, Markle was originally cast in a one-off role in CSI: NY.

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In the episode, Markle plays Veronica Perez, a maid who becomes a suspect in the murder of her former lover.

8 Deceit, 2006

Meghan Markle in Deceit

Released in 2006, Deceit was Meghan Markle’s first of many TV movies. Markle was cast as a friend of one of the main characters, and even though she didn’t have a starring role, she gave it all she had.

7 The War At Home, 2006

Meghan Markle in The War At Home

The War at Home, a show about a dysfunctional Long Island family, was Markle’s first foray into comedy. She played a character named Susan, Michael Rapaport’s work colleague and crush who is only interested in setting him up with her mom.

6 Love, Inc., 2005

Meghan Markle as a subway cashier

Love, Inc. was a short-lived sitcom in which 24-year-old Meghan Markle appeared for just one episode as a subway cashier named Teresa Santos. Once again, this bit part doesn’t give her much of a chance to shine.

5 A Lot Like Love, 2005

Markle on the plane in A Lot Like Love

Meghan got the opportunity to appear alongside Ashton Kutcher in A Lot Like Love,  a 2005 romantic comedy-drama starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet. In her brief appearance, Markle plays a girl named Natalie who sits next to Kutcher’s character on the plane.

4 Cuts, 2005

There’s no photographic evidence of it (so enjoy this picture of a fresh-faced Meghan), but Markle played a woman named Cori in an episode of Cuts, a short-lived show about two people who manage a hair salon/spa.

3 Century City, 2004

Before Suits, Meghan had a small part on another legal drama called Century City, a show set in L.A. in the year 2030. Not as successful as Suits, of course, but an interesting hint of things to come.

2 General Hospital, 2002

Did you realize that Meghan Markle appeared as a nurse named Jill in an episode of General Hospital.  She had exactly one line – making this one of her most forgettable roles on a famous series.

1 Nick News, 1993

Meghan Markle on Nick News

When she was still a child, Meghan Markle appeared on Nickelodeon’s Nick News. After being offended by a sexist commercial, Markle wrote a letter to the president of Proctor & Gamble to complain. She was influential even then, because Proctor & Gamble changed it.

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