Far Cry 6’s Danny Trejo Mission Will Be Pulled After Accidental Release



Ubisoft recently confirmed it released its Far Cry 6’s Danny Trejo mission by accident, and it is subsequently pulling the content.

Far Cry 6 dropped its Danny-Trejo-starring “Dani & Danny vs Everybody” mission recently, but Ubisoft confirmed the DLC’s release was an accident and will remove it in a new update. With respect to its map and content, Far Cry 6 is the series’ largest installment to date – and with additional DLC on the way, the game seems to have room for further expansion.

From now until a few months into 2022, Far Cry 6 has several DLC slated to release. November will bring the game’s first DLC episode, Vaas: Insanity, the title of which directly references renowned series villain Vaas Montenegro (who first appeared in Far Cry 3). In a similar vein, Pagan: Control will involve Far Cry 4 antagonist Pagan Min, set to arrive in January 2022. Far Cry 5’s villain Joseph “The Father” Seed will also make an appearance in March next year, with the confirmed Joseph: Collapse DLC.

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According to Video Games ChronicleUbisoft accidently released one of Far Cry ‘s DLC prematurely. The mission – “Dani & Danny vs Everybody” – stars actor Danny Trejo and tasks players with helping him after “getting hassled by the military,” but players won’t be able to explore the story. A recent game update for consoles (and later PC, Stadia and Luna) will promptly remove such content. That said, the below YouTube video from JorRaptor shows the DCL’s story and gameplay.

Click here to see the original YouTube video.

Ubisoft confirmed “the ‘Dani & Danny vs Everybody’ mission is a work-in-progress and was accidentally released early. We’re working to remove it and look forward to when players can check out the final version. We apologize for any confusion caused and will follow up shortly with more information.” The update included other changes; such as new Daily and Weekly Challenges, several quality-of-life changes, bug fixes, corrections to its co-op mode and more. Far Cry 6 is full of different avenues to explore its plethora of content, including alternate endings, so there are still other features to occupy while awaiting the return of Danny Trejo’s mission.

With so much content set to release over the next half year – and one DLC expected this month – Far Cry 6 can probably afford to wait to drop its “Dani & Danny vs Everybody” mission until comfortable. The Far Cry franchise’s most recognizable villains will likely occupy its player base for the time being – and why wouldn’t they, given their unhinged and endlessly entertaining contributions to the series.

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Far Cry 6 is available now for PS4, PS5, XboxOne, Xbox X/S, PC, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia.

Source: Video Games Chronicle, JorRaptor/YouTube

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