Guardians of the Galaxy Players Get Free Marvel’s Avengers Nameplates



Marvel’s Avengers players who buy Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy can unlock two special nameplates modeled after Star-Lord and his crew.

Logging into Marvel’s Avengers after buying Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy will net players free Guardians-themed nameplates. Square Enix and Eidos-Montreal just released a video game take on the popular space heroes of Marvel’s comics and films, with critics praising Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy for its single-player focus and dialogue choices’ impact on the story starring Peter “Star-Lord” Quill and his ragtag band of mercenaries as they fight to save the universe from a multitude of interplanetary threats.     

Despite both titles being based around hot Marvel properties and published by Square Enix, Marvel’s Avengers and Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy are said to be set in different continuities – though there are a few Easter eggs in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy potentially suggesting otherwise. This hasn’t stopped Marvel’s Avengers from promoting Guardians of the Galaxy on the leadup to the latter’s launch on October 26, with Marvel’s Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics giving away a special GotG game-inspired nameplate shortly after Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy was announced back in June. Now, it looks like the developer and Square Enix are giving away two more cross-promotional items to celebrate the release of Marvel’s latest gaming adventure.         

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While it hasn’t officially been announced by Marvel’s Avengers or Guardians Of The Galaxy’s official sites or social media channels, Reddit user Billyb311 revealed that players who buy Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy will receive two special nameplates in Marvel’s Avengers. One nameplate features Star-Lord, while the second features the entire Guardians team.

Avengers Guardians Nameplate Star-Lord

Avengers Guardians Nameplate Team

Marvel’s Avengers suffered from a rocky start after it first launched in 2020, with Square Enix taking a financial loss over the game at one point because of backlash to the game’s microtransactions. A year on, Marvel’s Avengers microtransactions have only grown more problematic with the recent addition of paid time-saver consumables. However, Crystal Dynamics has been working to win players over with a steady stream of free DLC content, adding entire story campaigns centered around heroes like Black Panther to offset the game’s growing array of premium cosmetic (and now gameplay-affecting) content.

So far, it seems Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy is avoiding the pitfalls which plagued Marvel’s Avengers at release, and Square Enix is celebrating the new game’s success with these cross-promotional nameplates for Marvel’s Avengers. To get the Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy-themed content in its sister game, players need only to purchase the single-player title and log into Marvel’s Avengers to collect their free bonus.

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Marvel’s Avengers is available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and GeForce Now.

Source: Billyb311/Reddit

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