Halo’s Master Chief Painted Onto Xbox Series X In Custom Design



A Halo fan recently showed-off their artistically customized Xbox Series X, which depicts Master Chief standing on a platform before a galaxy sky.

An Xbox Series X owner and apparent Halo fan recently unveiled their custom-designed console, which features a painted depiction of Master Chief standing before a vast galaxy sky. The scene appears to incorporate elements from the soon-to-be-released Halo Infinite, which has its own string of Halo-Infinite-designed Xbox Series X consoles recently listed for pre-order at GameStop.

Halo Infinite isn’t released yet, but already has other available self-branded merchandise beyond Xbox Series X consoles. A collaboration between Kellogg’s and Microsoft saw a giveaway featuring Halo Infinite Pringles, which also included Double XP if consumers uploaded a receipt to Kellogg Family Rewards. In a similar vein, Master Chief was put on various canvas of Rockstar Energy drinks earlier this month – with each visual depiction designed by five different artists, and each can included in-game codes for extra perks. That said, Master Chief’s likeness has appeared on other mediums thanks to the talents of creative Halo fans.

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In a recent Reddit post, user Pryzm_12 showcased their painted Xbox Series X. Their console, which they explained was hand airbrushed and layered with tinted ink, shows Master Chief facing an open galaxy sky while standing on the platform belonging to an aircraft. Master Chief’s position is identical to that of the alternate version of Halo Infinite’s box art. However, the official box art has Master Chief looking out onto mountains and forest lands, not a space galaxy. That said, given Halo’s interstellar themes, a galaxy scenery is an apt direction to take for Pryzm_12’s Xbox Series X custom design.

Halo Master Chief Xbox Series X

See the original Reddit post here.

Pryzm_12 explained to other curious Reddit users that the inspiration behind their creation was the official Halo Infinite edition Xbox Series Xs. They told one user, “Missing out on the limited [Halo] one was the reason for us painting this one! Pretty pleased how it turned out.” Pryzm_12 also revealed the entire project took around 50 hours to complete and that they “always try [and] push myself artwork wise so I’m glad it’s paying off!” 

In comparison to Microsoft’s version of the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X, this one is comparatively more visually stunning. Not only does Pryzm_12’s creation incorporate vivid elements like colors, scenery and Master Chief himself; but their use of detail feels like the painting was pulled from a Halo game itself. Perhaps Microsoft can take some artistic inspiration from this custom design in the future.

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Halo Infinite launches on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on December 8, 2021.

Source: Pryzm_12/Reddit

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