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Moriah Plath is still discovering herself on Welcome to Plathville, which has led to her experimenting with different styles and hair colors.

Moriah Plath is one of the breakaway stars of TLC’s Welcome to Plathvilleand the second-oldest Plath daughter is embracing who she is apart from her conservative family. Moriah has always been regarded as the wild child out of her eight siblings, as their ultra-conservative background has limited what the siblings are allowed to do. However, at age 19, Moriah is asserting her independence and discovering who she is with a bit of help from fashion and style experimentations. Discover how Moriah’s look has evolved as she broke away from her conservative upbringing.

Since Welcome to Plathville debuted on TLC in 2019, audiences have seen Moriah emerge as her own person apart from her family. She was only 16 when the show first aired, but her strict parents were already calling her out for rebelling in the form of makeup and music. Plath parents Kim and Barry are notoriously strict when it comes to raising their nine children.

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They homeschooled their kids and banned TV and junk food, while computer usage was extremely limited. That made Moriah stand out when she began separating from her family and wanting to try different things as a teenager, such as dying her hair or wearing a swimsuit. While Moriah is extremely close with her sister-in-law Olivia Plath, her move away from her family has affected Moriah’s relationship with her parents.

Seriously Unpredictable

When it comes to the conservative Plath family, anything that isn’t ultra-traditional is extreme. Therefore, Moriah was regarded as a rebel when she turned to style experimentation in the form of dying her hair. However, experimenting with hair color appears to be a wonderful outlet for Moriah’s self-expression. Moriah showed off her purple tresses in January 2020 with the caption, “Seriously Unpredictable💜🖤 #freedom.” Moriah’s followers loved her new look and the fact that she was moving away from her restrictive upbringing.

Biker Beauty

Moriah revealed a new side to herself on Instagram in 2020 when she shared an image of her on a motorcycle with her beloved boyfriend Max Kallschmidt. She officially introduced Max on social media after he appeared on Welcome to Plathville, and the couple wowed in black leather. Moriah also proved to be rebelling against her upbringing with short shorts and a belly shirt. Max has always been a major supporter of Moriah and her style experimentations, which has made their relationship a highlight for fans.

Black & Blonde

Moriah showed off another hair experimentation in March, as she debuted black and blonde hair that was longer than usual. She also began dressing in the clothing she preferred, which was far tighter and more revealing that what her family allowed. Her caption revealed that she was finding freedom in experimentation, while the big grin on Moriah’s face proved that trying new things made her happy. “Can’t decide which color? Do all of them!” Moriah advised her followers when it came to hair dye.

Wild & Free

Moriah might still be figuring things out when it comes to balancing her relationship with Olivia and her relationship with her parents, but she is making awesome progress when it comes to discovering herself. Moriah’s latest hair color is a bright purple that compliments her open personality. “Wild, crazy and free💖💜#ihadto #change #newhairwhosthis #freedom,” Moriah captioned the image, which Max took for her. Also visible in the image, which featured Moriah in a cheetah crop set, is her recent wrist tattoo. It is clear that Moriah has come a long way and made incredible progress in breaking out of her conservative and restrictive upbringing to discover and express who she is. Many Welcome to Plathville fans admire Moriah’s strength and independence and are happy to see her thriving apart from Kim and Barry.

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