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Abomination is the final challenge for the Cleaners, and the toughest challenge by far. Find out how to beat it here.

There are many brutal challenges throughout the levels of Back 4 Blood that all lead to the final confrontation with Abomination, the game’s final boss. As they fight bosses, massive hordes, and tricky teams of Back 4 Blood’s Ridden, the Cleaners are constantly facing challenges to the endgame. Each act increases the difficulty to prepare teams for the final boss, Abomination.

The battle with Abomination in Back 4 Blood takes place in three stages, and each requires different actions in order to progress. It can summon massive swarms of Ridden to run down the Cleaners as they attempt to dispatch it. Abomination has an immense health pool and many tricks up its rotten, decaying sleeve. In addition to a quality Back 4 Blood card deck, players will need a solid strategy to defeat Abomination and win the game.

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In the first stage of the Abomination battle, teams will need to destroy four of its tentacles that sprout from the ground. Before doing so, players will have some solid weapons and throwables to choose from, so they should make sure to collect those. The throwables will be useful for the rest of the stages to break up swarms of Ridden that can be just as deadly as the boss itself.

How to Beat Abomination in Back 4 Blood

The tentacles of the first stage of Abomination's boss fight in Back 4 Blood.

Stage One

As the tentacles spring up, players will notice glowing purple spots in their mouths that signal weak spots. When players dodge their attacks, they will recoil, making these spots more vulnerable for a period of time. It may be best to hold onto throwables until stage two because, in this stage, all players need to do is ward off Ridden until the tentacles attack, dodge the attacks, then spray down the tentacles’ weak points until they sink back into the ground. Once the tentacles retract into the ground, they will expose tunnels that lead to the next stage.

Stage Two

Teams should make sure to restock between stages and follow a tunnel to the second stage. In stage two, players will be brought to face Abomination directly. Its weak spots are two glowing lumps inside its mouth, and that is where damage should be focused.

Players must be careful to dodge its acid attacks, as they can snipe players from a long range and do quite a bit of damage. Keeping an eye on these makes dealing with the Ridden a bit more difficult, so the throwables from before stage one will be helpful in the more confined space. This stage shouldn’t take long, as long as ample firepower is being dedicated to the Abomination’s weak points.

Evangelo from Back 4 Blood

Stage Three

Stage three starts immediately after stage two is complete, starting a five-minute timer within which the Cleaners must defeat the Abomination, or Fort Joy will be destroyed. The Abomination will run away from the Cleaners, who must follow it using the corridors and tunnels. They will need to be careful not to fall off the pathways.

To complete this stage, players will need to fire at the four weak spots on the Abomination’s body while pursuing it and avoid ending up underneath, which will spell instant death. Once all four weak spots are dealt with, the battle will be over, and the ending cutscene will begin, completing the storyline of Back 4 Blood.

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Back 4 Blood is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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