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There are a few different ways to play with friends in Mario Party Superstars, including online play, which allows for long-distance competitions.

Mario Party Superstars allows players to experience classic Mario Party boards and minigames with their friends online. Players can also connect offline, in a similar fashion to how the games used to be played together, or locally, which is offline play but on separate systems. However, having online capabilities means players can share their nostalgic experiences with others through long-distance gaming.

At the start of each game, players will get to choose whether they want to play an offline, local, or online game. In every game mode, players have the option to compete against AI opponents, or a mix of AI and friends. This can be helpful in preparing for games with others, as the AI characters can be challenging as well. When players are ready, they can set up a game online with their friends or random opponents.

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To experience Mario Party Superstars online, players will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. There are two modes in Mt. Minigame that require online play, but the other game modes have the capability for it as well. Some game types allow for multiple people to play online on the same console, but only when playing with friends. If players choose to find random opponents, then only one character can join that game. There are a few steps to setting up an online game with friends.

How to Play with Friends in Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars gives players complete control over their gaming experience with others. In an online game, players will have the ability to set who can join their lobby and whether or not a custom passcode is needed. For those wanting to play online with multiple people on the same console, the lobby must be created on that console. Only one player per console can join a lobby, though. In order to start an online game with friends, there are a few steps to follow:

  • Make sure there is an active Nintendo Switch subscription and select Online.
  • Choose the Friends tab (not Strangers).
  • Connect to the Internet and select the Friend House from Toad Village.
  • Create a lobby and set the desired options, or join a friend’s lobby.

There are various game types for players to experience online, including Survival, Daily Challenge, and the classic Mario Party mode. The option to set a room code lets players control who can join their game. Alternatively, players can join a friend’s lobby as long as they are the only person playing on their console. The standalone title, Mario Party Superstars, also has the ability to set up matches with random opponents, so players can share this nostalgic experience with many others.

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Mario Party Superstars is available for Nintendo Switch.

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