Incredible Minecraft Stunt Sees A Target Aimed At An Arrow



A Reddit user came up with a witty twist on trick shots in Minecraft: hitting an arrow with a target instead of hitting a target with an arrow.

A Minecraft player recently pulled off an impressive stunt by using a highly unconventional method to hit a target with an arrow. Minecraft remains as popular as ever, with players still exploring and building within the  game; as well as devising over-the-top tricks and challenges for themselves and others.

Elaborate new creations are popping up across the Minecraft community every day, and they can range from individual garden builds to entire city projects. Just one recent example comes from a group of players who built an entire futuristic city in a Minecraft server. Another player built a graveyard for themselves, digging a new grave and marking a new headstone every time they die in the game. Yet another player’s rabbit farm was nearly exterminated when a bolt of lightning struck it out of nowhere, killing all but one bunny. All of this happened in just the past week, and the weekend is seeing even more to share.

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Another cool Minecraft moment comes from DijidalWasTaken on Reddit, who posted a trick shot hitting an arrow with a target instead of hitting a target with an arrow. Although it doesn’t quite have the range of a modded Minecraft crossbow that fires Enderpearls, Dijidal used the standard bow to fire an arrow high into the air and tracked its descent before “catching” it by placing a target on the ground in the area where it would land. When asked how many attempts it took them to land it, they only replied by saying “We don’t talk about that.”

The weapons and destructive items of Minecraft have been a great source of inspiration for other players, as well. One player even constructed a working tank using TNT in Minecraft, which functioned more like an exploding battering ram when it hit a castle wall. For many creators, half the fun of the game is destroying their creations in the most bombastic ways possible.

Catching a falling arrow with a target is impressive, but it makes one wonder what other trick shots might be possible with this method. There have been plenty of Minecraft trick shots using bows and arrows to hit targets in all sorts of scenarios, but what about trying to use a target to catch an arrow in mid-flight? The community could certainly take this to another level if it wanted to, with all the clever approaches to projectiles in the past.

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Source: DijidaIWasTaken/Reddit

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