Marvel’s Spider-Man Doc Ock Fight Was Made Personal to Avoid Crunch



Insomniac CEO Ted Price divulged during a Develop:Brighton talk that making the Doc Ock boss in Marvel’s Spider-Man more personal helped avoid crunch.

Speaking at Develop:Brighton, Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price said the Doc Ock fight in Marvel’s Spider-Man turned into a more personal affair in an effort to avoid crunch at the studio. The Doc Ock boss battle in Insomanic’s first Spider-Man outing remains one of the most memorable moments from the celebrated action title. Not only did the final fight deliver in terms of gameplay and spectacle, it also served as the perfect culmination of the otherwise heartwarming relationship between Otto Octavius and Peter Parker.

The start of the adventure depicts the two as mentor and mentee, with Peter continuing to work for Otto despite the scientist’s inability to pay him more. They’re drawn even closer throughout the narrative, especially once Otto reveals his life-changing illness and lets his protégée assist with experiments that could result in a solution. In spite of the signs that something is amiss, Peter’s faith in the doctor never wavers, which makes Doc Ock’s betrayal all the more gut-wrenching for both Spider-Man and the player. The battle itself carries a lot of emotional weight as well, courtesy of up close and personal scenes that accentuate the conflict’s third act.

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During a Develop:Brighton discussion, transcribed by, Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price addressed the industry’s tendency to “brute force” through problems that crop up by throwing money or people at roadblocks. He argued, however, that the “more effective solution is to be more creative within constraints.” Price used Marvel’s Spider-Man as an example, specifically citing the final confrontation between the web-slinger and Doc Ock. The boss fight originally boasted a much larger scope that would’ve taken place across the entirety of New York City. But upon considering what mattered most to players, the team focused on the breakdown of Peter’s relationship with Octavius.

Marvel's Spider-Man Doc Ock Final Battle

Insomniac concluded that destroying half of New York wasn’t necessary to reach the emotional payoff it aimed to deliver. “In fact, it would have worked against what we were going for. As a result, the final battle is much more up close and personal, and has a far bigger emotional impact than planned – and it fit within the time we had,” Price added. The Insomniac executive explained in the keynote that carefully navigating these creative constrains worked wonders for avoiding “potential health problems” that stem from the gaming industry’s long-running crunch problems.

Unhealthy crunch practices in gaming have plagued the industry since before the turn of the century. However, open discussions about the issue itself only began taking center stage within the last decade or so, particularly following claims about Rockstar Games’ development practices for Red Dead Redemption.

Slowly but surely, things seem as if they’re taking a turn for the better, though other problems such as workplace toxicity and abuse have proven detrimental to any semblance of forward momentum. Here’s to hoping the efforts made today, however small they may appear, make way for better working conditions and quality products.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is available to play now across PS4 and PS5 consoles.


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