Marvel’s Wolverine Gameplay Engineer Job Posting Emphasizes Violence



A new job listing at Insomniac Games suggests Marvel’s Wolverine will have a lot of violence and possibly an M rating – and severed limbs.

Insomniac Games’ call for a gameplay engineer position for Marvel’s Wolverine suggests the game will have a lot of violence. Wolverine is associated with violence thanks to his various appearances in X-Men-related media, but this side of his character is often underplayed in his video game appearances. With Logan and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, though, fans were treated to a proper unleashed version of Wolverine.

Since the reveal of Marvel’s Wolverine this past September, there has been speculation over whether or not Insomniac Games will make the game M-rated. The developer had a lot of freedom with Marvel’s Spider-Man, but is largely known for making games that are E- or T-rated. That said, Insomniac did make the M-rated Resistance franchise, so the developer also has some experience with bloodier, more mature stories. Given the immense success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel may be willing to let Insomniac go all the way with Wolverine.

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Insomniac recently posted a job listing for a gameplay engineer, and principal designer Drew Murray (via Game Rant) noted candidates will be responsible for “creating cuts, slashes, gouges, severs, gashes, stabs, *snikts* and everything else that goes with moving and playing as Logan.” Insomniac already teased that Marvel’s Wolverine will be mature, so it seems like the developer could be making a pretty violent hack and slash.

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Although cuts and slashes could probably be done in a minimal way in Marvel’s Wolverine, “severs” certainly implies limbs will be chopped off. Unless Wolverine is fighting robots or a threat without blood, it’s highly likely this would lead to an M-rated game. Given games aren’t rated until content is locked in and finalized, fans won’t know what the rating is until a couple of months before release – which could be in 2024 or beyond.

There are no concrete details about the new game, but there may be some hints in the trailer. There’s speculation that Marvel’s Wolverine will feature Hulk in some way, seeing as there is an Easter egg in the trailer that references the character’s first appearance (which centered around a battle with Hulk). It could just be a nod to Wolverine’s origins, but given there are no other details about the games, fans are left to speculate. Either way, it seems like fans can probably count on Marvel’s Wolverine to be a blood-filled, gory slasher.

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Source: Drew Murray/Twitter (via Game Rant)

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