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A new animation from Lawrence Becker depicts Masters of the Universe: Revelations characters fighting in stop motion, ahead of the Part Two premiere.

A short video depicting Masters of the Universe: Revelation characters, including He-Man and Skeletor, battling it out in beautiful stop motion was recently released by animator Lawrence Bender. The new series from Netflix follows Teela, a bodyguard of Prince Adam who is tasked with finding the missing Sword of Power after Skeletor destroys all magic in the Universe. The series premiered on Netflix last July, with a second part set for release in November. Despite positive reviews from critics, the series attracted criticism for what was perceived as misleading marketing, citing He-Man’s lack of screen time despite being the center of the marketing campaign.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation comes from superfan and nostalgia connoisseur, Kevin Smith, who has defended the marketing. In an industry where nostalgia is the name of the game, it was considered a bold move by Smith to limit He-Man’s initial appearances in the first five episodes. Controversy aside, the series has still enjoyed success on Netflix, following the acclaim for Netflix’s other Mattel reboot, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

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The new Masters of the Universe: Revelation animation comes from Lawrence Becker (@samplertimes) as one of a series, depicting characters He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Spikor, and Beast-Man fighting it out in stop motion, intercut with short clips from the show itself. The animation advertises the series and toyline, bolstered by the announcement of Part Two coming to Netflix on November 23rd. Becker has made a series of animations advertising the show for Netflix. Check out the video below:

Becker also said in the post that the animation won’t be the last featuring the MotU: R cast, with presumably more to come as the premiere date gets closer. The second part will include five more episodes, bringing the series total count to ten half-hour episodes, completing the first season. With Smith strongly implying He-Man’s return in the back half, fans remain hopeful that the character will return in a suitably epic fashion.

The initial backlash to the series is one of growing predictability, where fans of the original product rise up to complain when such material is updated to suit modern societal and storytelling tastes. Similar to when Jodie Whittaker, having just wrapped her final episodes, was announced as the new Doctor Who, the Masters of the Universe: Revelations controversy is just another example of toxic nostalgia gatekeeping that has infected the entertainment industry like a virus. Becker’s animation seems to acknowledge this, with Teela being at the center of the animation, similar to how she’s the focus of the new series. As long as Teela stays the protagonist of the story, it’s perfectly reasonable for He-Man to return, without it being seen as a capitulation to the original complaints.

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Masters of the Universe: Revelations Part Two premieres November 23rd on Netflix

Source: @samplertimes

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