Season 21 Coaches Will Compete On Game Show That’s My Jam



The coaches from The Voice, including Blake, Kelly, Ariana, and John, will be joining NBC’s latest music-based series, That’s My Jam, in November.

Beloved on The Voice season 21, the coaches from this season are set to join NBC’s newest series, That’s My Jam. While the series includes coaches from past and present, fans have warmly welcomed the most current line-up of judges. They are specifically applauding Ariana Grande’s presence in season 21. Full of insight into various genres of music, the coaches on The Voice are more diverse than ever, and they’ve added sophistication and humor to the series. This group has become one of the most iconic to lead the series during the show’s long run on NBC.

While fans have praised the chemistry between the coaches, the judges have also given each other many compliments. Kelly Clarkson continues to praise Ariana for the new energy she brings to the series, welcoming new perspectives from the coaching panel. As the season begins, fans are certain to be eagerly watching each episode, and not just for the fierce competition. Viewers want to see the endearing, hilarious, and often compassionate collection of judges featured on season 21. With plenty of guest stars and excitement ahead, The Voice guarantees more enjoyable coach banter, intense singing action, and general appreciation for the music industry.

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As per E! News, the celebrity coaches on The Voice will be joining Jimmy Fallon on the upcoming NBC series, That’s My Jam. With close bonds amongst the coaches on The Voice, the stars will continue to build their friendships in yet another singing series. “Inspir[ed]” by the “Tonight Show games,” That’s My Jam will provide audiences with exciting “music, dance, and trivia-based challenges.” Since it’s different from The VoiceThat’s My Jam is certain to provide a new atmosphere where the coaches of the series can bond, share their charming personalities outside of the competition, and partake in battles of their own. Lighthearted (and less focused on the high-stakes performances), That’s My Jam appears to be pure escapism that combines the allure of a game show with musical elements.

Coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton on The Voice season 21

While the cast of The Voice has had a number of challenging life events outside of the series, including coach Kelly’s recent divorce, That’s My Jam is certain to provide a fun vibe that allows the coaches to reset. Releasing its first episode on November 29, That’s My Jam is certain to get fans of The Voice enthusiastic for season 21, and for NBC’s latest. With a variety of familiar games from Fallon’s show, the series will bring together fans of a variety of shows for weekly fun featuring big-time celebrities. As it’s nearly a month from the show’s launch, audiences have plenty of time to catch up on The Voice before the premiere “sneak preview” of That’s My Jam.

Successful in a number of areas, including their music careers and their mentoring of the next generation of singers on The Voice, the coaches have certainly dominated in the entertainment industry. With collaborations between Ariana and Kelly, fans can expect to see the coaches together in a number of different series and song releases. Stills from the upcoming series show Ariana and Blake on a team, competing against Kelly and John, so it’s likely that fans are in for an equally snarky and enjoyable installment involving The Voice coaches. At this point, details haven’t been made public, so there are plenty of surprises to look forward to.

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The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Source: E! News

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