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With three successful seasons under its belt and a fourth one on the way, Sex Education fans are overjoyed that they will not have to say goodbye to any of their favorite characters anytime soon. Whether it’s because of Aimee and Maeve’s wholesome friendship, Eric’s iconic lines, or Otis’ journey of self-discovery, fans are hoping that these stories will continue into the next season.

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However, the one thing fans don’t want the writers to stop is the comedy. What makes the humor in the show so unique is that the writers continue to find fresh and creative ways to relieve the tension. Regardless of whether it’s with sophomoric humor, sarcasm, hilarious dialogue, or even by the characters’ reactions, the writers have never failed to make fans laugh and provided them with plenty of memorable moments.   

Rahim’s Unfortunate Incident

An image of Adam and Rahim sitting together on the bus in season 3 of Sex Education

When fans got to “Episode 5,” everyone knew that it would be an angst-filled episode since it followed on from Otis and Ruby’s break-up and paired Rahim and Adam. However, one thing that they did not expect was the events created by Rahim’s unfortunate incident in the toilet.

After throwing his waste out of the window in a sock, viewers saw chaos descend as it hit another car (which then led to their vehicle clipping their coach). This led to a range of different but hilarious reactions. Mr. Hendricks was shouting for the bus driver “to get it together,” Otis was screaming, Ruby was checking her nails to make sure they weren’t broken, and Jackson and Cal had no idea what was going on. It may have seemed over-the-top but these characters did help to make the scene more memorable.

Eric’s French Horn Solo

An image of Eric playing his French horn in Sex Education

If there is one thing that continuously evokes laughter with the audience, it’s Eric’s awkward French horn solo. This was particularly seen in the pilot episode when Eric decides to try and impress the Swing band by playing the school anthem on his French horn in assembly. However, it doesn’t go to plan as Eric plays the wrong notes.

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This scene was highly amusing for fans, as the camera pans across the hall to catch all the students’ reactions. While they are all looking awkward or embarrassed, there are a few moments where some of the actors almost break character by laughing. What makes the scene even better was Otis’ slow clap at the end. It might be a scene that makes fans cringe for Eric, but the fact that he had the courage to do this in the first place was quite admirable.

Aimee’s Terrible First Drive

An image of Aimee driving a car in Sex Education

While Aimee has had many iconic moments in the show, one of the most underrated was her driving scene at the beginning of season 3. As she attempted to drive herself, Maeve, and Steve to school, she ended up surprising everyone when she accidentally clipped someone with her car when she tried to reverse.

Instead of getting out and helping the woman, Aimee nonchalantly apologizes before carrying on to drive to school. Considering that many Sex Education fans believe Aimee’s best trait is her caring attitude, fans did laugh in shock at her lack of compassion. However, what makes the scene all the more iconic is that Aimee Lou Woods (who plays Aimee) breaks the fourth wall by staring down the camera for a couple of seconds, utterly stunned by what was happening. It just helped to make it all the more authentic.

Otis Panic At Being Left Behind On The School Trip

An image of Otis and Maeve talking in Sex Education

While the trip to France started in disaster for the Moordale students, it only got worse for Otis and Maeve when they ended up getting left behind. Here, the fans got to see much hilarity enthuse as Otis began panicking about the coach leaving them behind, ranting away while Maeve tried to hold back her laughter.

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For many viewers, they thought that it was great that the writers switched the dynamics between Maeve and Otis as it was usually Maeve that often panicked in unpredictable situations. This was also one of the moments that proved why Otis and Maeve were one of the best couples on Sex Education. Not only did Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey’s chemistry produce comedy gold but it allowed fans to see more of their emotional connection too as Maeve calmed him down.

Aimee Realizing She Wants To Be A Baker

An image of Aimee, Steve, and Maeve sitting together in Sex Education

With many of the students now in their final years of school, many of them have begun to look towards the future. For Aimee, fans saw her decide that her future would be in the culinary business as she liked the idea of being a baker.

For many viewers, they thought this was one of the most endearing and amusing responses she came up with. It might be because of the way the line is delivered with such innocence and certainty but fans can’t help but chuckle at the main reason she wants to pursue baking was because she “really liked toast.”

Viv Falls Into A Waste Container

An image of Viv and Eugene walking together in Sex Education

In a parody to Mean Girls, another moment that fans couldn’t stop laughing at was Viv’s fall into a waste container. This all came about as fans were finally introduced to her boyfriend, Eugene, who had decided to walk her to school. Viv is particularly seen basking in all the attention all the Moordale students are giving them and seems quite happy in her newfound relationship.

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However, one thing that they didn’t expect was for her to fall headfirst into a waste container. It was because of this unpredictability that viewers couldn’t help but laugh. Viv was usually so composed and focused so they would never think that she wouldn’t notice a trash can in her way. Eugene’s surprised reaction also brought out a few chuckles as he had to dodge her kicks.

The Double Date Conversations

An image of Eric, Adam, and Ruby in the bowling alley in Sex Education

In season 3, there were quite a few new dynamics that the writers decided to test out. One scene that many fans particularly enjoyed was the double date between Otis, Ruby, Adam, and Eric, who certainly wouldn’t have been seen together outside of school in season 1. During this scene, there were plenty of amusing and awkward moments.

Much of them were created by Adam or Otis, who somehow believed that talking about “liking the smell of their own farts” or their exes were appropriate dinner conversations. While these conversations would certainly make a person cringe in real life, especially if they were on a date, it did produce some hilarious reactions from Ruby and Eric, who could only look on perplexed. It would be great if the writers could include more scenes with these characters since they had the potential to be one of Sex Education‘s best friendship groups.

“Wash Your Hands You Dirty Pig”

An image of Otis and Eric looking shocked in Sex Education

If there was one scene that had fans laughing for ages, it was the bathroom scene in the first episode of season 2 when Otis and Eric realized that another student, Owen, had been listening in to a private conversation they were having.

Although the scene may not have lasted long, it was described by many fans as comedy gold since there were several iconic lines here (including Eric’s ‘wash your hands’ comment). Owen also proved to be a highly amusing character as his awkwardness seemed to fit in well with Otis and Eric’s dynamic. It’s such a shame that Owen didn’t make a reappearance because he could have fit into the show quite easily.

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