Stassi’s Rumored New Book Already Earns Backlash



A year after her firing from Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder reportedly has a new book coming out. The news has already caused controversy.

Fired Vanderpump Rules cast member Stassi Schroeder may be coming out with a new book, and while it hasn’t been confirmed yet, there’s already controversy. This would be her second book after the New York Times Besteller Next Level Basic. Stassi, who recently celebrated Lala Kent’s book success, was initially set to write a follow-up earlier. However, the circumstances around her firing derailed those plans.

Last summer, an incident from Stassi and Kristen Doute’s past came back to haunt them. Former co-star Faith Stowers revealed they reported her to the police for stealing, despite having no evidence. Amid the Black Lives Matter protests, Bravo took a stand and fired the two original cast members immediately. In addition to nixed plans for another book, the New Orleans native also had her podcast removed from all platforms. While Stassi’s plans for a comeback have been reported before, this is the biggest step in that direction. But judging from the response, it may not go very well.

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The Instagram account Bravo By Betches posted a screenshot of the book title and description from Google Books. The reported new book is titled Off with My Head: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook to Surviving Rock Bottom. According to the description, Stassi “returns from cancellation and pregnancy with the definitive Basic Bitch handbook for surviving bad days (or years).” While Stassi has not announced a new book yet, her page on Simon & Schuster’s website lists the 33-year-old as both the author of Next Level Basic and Off with My Head. The Bravo By Betches post captioned the screenshot “Stassi’s new book sounds like a wild ride.” In the comments, the response to this news was overwhelmingly negative.

Some asked why Faith, who is working on a new show, doesn’t have a book deal instead. Commenters pointed out that it was ridiculous for Stassi to claim “cancellation” when she still had a book deal. One individual wrote, “here’s your daily reminder that cancel culture isn’t real.” The use of “rock bottom” was also mocked. Others accused Stassi of profiting off of her racist actions against Faith instead of taking accountability.

While the backlash was swift, that doesn’t mean the new book is doomed to fail. Stassi still has a lot of support, as well as a legion of loyal fans. Andy Cohen previously admitted regrets over letting her go, and recently Lisa Vanderpump wished Stassi and Kristen weren’t fired. Since nothing has been officially announced yet, it’s possible the criticism will cause her to retool the book. However, this current title and description indicate she has not actually from her past mistakes.

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Source: Bravo By Betches/Instagram, Simon & Schuster

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