Superman and Wonder Woman Made a Secret Cameo in Marvel Comics



Superman and Wonder Woman once made an incredible cameo in the pages of Marvel Comics, that even redacted which Earth they came from.

Warning! Spoilers for Lockjaw #4 by Marvel Comics

DC Comics and Marvel Comics are no strangers to putting in subtle referencing to each other’s worlds and characters within the pages of their stories, but one Marvel tale featured a pretty obvious Superman and Wonder Woman cameo. In Lockjawk #4 (2018), the teleporting Inhuman canine battled Annihilus in a fight that spanned multiple universes – including the redacted DC Universe where Clark and Diana made a hilarious cameo.

Sneaking in cameos or making fun of each other’s characters is nothing new for DC and Marvel. For example, a reporter named Clark Kent has made several appearances in Marvel Comics stories. Meanwhile, Marvel Comics have also poked fun at DC heroes and villains, including when they introduced their “Fastest Man Alive,” whose real name was Buried Alien (a play on words on The Flash’s Barry Allen). While Marvel and DC have done official crossovers in the past, it’s extra fun when they manage to include references and secret cameos to their biggest rivals in their stories. They always have a fun way of hiding what’s in plain sight.

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One of our favorite Marvel/DC secret crossovers comes from Lockjaw #4 by Daniel Kibblesmith, Carlos Villa, Roberto Poggi, Chris O’Halloran, and VC’s Clayton Cowles. In the story, Lockjaw and D-Man battle against Annihilus to save the canine hero’s siblings. Lockjaw ends up teleporting them mid-battle to different universes using his Inhuman powers. Among the different destinations include the World Between Worlds, The Ultimate Universe, Duckworld, The Prehistoric Earth, and an Earth that’s ‘REDACTED.” Of course, the redacted Earth is the DC Universe, as Wonder Woman and Superman make secret cameos on the page.

When Lockjaw and Annihilus end up on the redacted Earth, two flying heroes meet them. A man with a red cape and blue tights (Superman) tells them “pardon, us, friends,” as a woman wearing nearly identical armor to Wonder Woman (and has a lasso) tells them their Earth “this is private property.” Obviously, the comic couldn’t name the DC Universe, hence why the Earth is redacted. The Wonder Woman and Superman cameos are sneaky, as only their lower bodies are shown. However, given what readers can see, it’s clearly supposed to be the two heroes in their home universe.

It’s always fun to see Marvel and DC make funny references to one another – or in some extreme cases, completely obliterate the other’s universe. In this case, Superman and Wonder Woman made a secret cameo without ever identifying themselves. But, ultimately, it’s pretty apparent who is who.

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