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There are many aspects of Supernatural that are prominent from season 1 all the way to the finale, from family drama to significant character deaths to running jokes. One longstanding part of the show rife with pop culture references is the aliases of Sam and Dean, used on their fake IDs when they pose as everything from FBI to Homeland Security to Teddy Bear Doctors.

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Often these aliases will be of various brilliant rockstars that Dean adores, but not exclusively. Their aliases range from musicians to meta nods from the writers to pop culture legends.

10 Smith & Smith (No Relation)

“Fan Fiction” is one of Supernatural’s best episodes and a fan-favorite that continued Supernatural’s brilliant record with meta-episodes. It also has one of the boy’s best aliases, playing on the fun brother dynamic of the two.

Posing as FBI agents, the boys introduce themselves as Agents Smith and Smith “no relation.” Not only is this funny on its own, given the irony, but it is a reference to Die Hard, where two FBI agents introduce themselves in a very similar tone as Agents Johnson and Johnson.

9 Hamill & Ford

Sam and Dean pose as wildlife rangers in Supernatural

“Dead In The Water” is one of the first cases the boys take following the death of Jess and the boys being on the hunt for John and is a good early episode that sees one of many, many Star Wars references in the show.

Posing as the US Wildlife Service – showing the wide range of fraud the boys undertake in the early seasons compared to the post-Kripke-era – Sam and Dean introduce themselves as Agents Hamill and Ford. These are, of course, references to the iconic actors Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, who played Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in the beloved franchise.

8 Jerry Wanek & Robert Singer

Sam and Dean pose as Homeland Security in Supernatural

The boys do not stick solely to pop culture references and a collection of Dean’s most worshipped music artists when it comes to their aliases; frequently, there are meta-references for fans to enjoy, such as in “Phantom Traveller.”

Bravely posing as Homeland Security, Sam and Dean take up the monikers of Robert Singer and Jerry Wanek. Robert Singer is a reference to the executive producer of the same name – with this being before Bobby’s introduction – while Jerry Wanek worked as production designer on the show.

7 Wedge Antilles

Sam reunited with Dean after he returns from hell in Supernatural

While it is always funny to hear a fun meta nod or a pop culture reference in Winchester’s aliases, sometimes their aliases are used to showcase the relationship between the two, such as in “Lazarus Rising.”

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Attempting to hunt an AWOL Sam down, Dean looks for him under the alias of Wedge Antilles. Bobby inquires how Dean knows Sam will use the name of the iconic Star Wars pilot, and quite simply, Dean just knows Sam well enough to know that’s the name he would use.

6 Landis & Dante

Sam and Dean pose as agents Landis and Dante in Supernatural

“Heart” is a fantastic early episode of Supernatural, seeing Sam form a romantic connection with the werewolf Madison and werewolves in general, proving to be one of the best monsters-of-the-week of the Kripke-era.

In the episode, Dean introduces himself and Sam as Agents Landis and Dante, in reference to two famous film directors who made two famous werewolf movies. John Landis directed An American Werewolf In London while Joe Dante directed The Howling; the two are incredibly popular 80s films.

5 Lemmy Kilmister

Sam tracks and hunts down demon Dean in Supernatural

A lot of Sam and Dean committing fraud relies on their infinite charm and reliance on whoever they are lying to, not questioning the names they choose/not recognizing the rockstars Dean adores.

Sometimes, though, fans cannot help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the running joke, like when the boys just straight up claim to be named Lemmy Kilmister, the late great lead singer of Motörhead. Dean uses the name Agent Kilmister, and in season 10, Sam uses the full name on a business card as he hunts down demon Dean in “Reichenbach.”

4 Spears & Aguilera

Sam and Dean get given the names agents Spears and Aguilera by Castiel in Supernatural

When Castiel firmly joins the Winchester family, living in the bunker and becoming a hunter, he takes a while to understand a lot of things Sam and Dean did, never fully grasping the names the pair chose as aliases.

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As such, when he arrives on a crime scene before the boys, he tells the residing police officer on the case that their names are Agents Spears and Aguilera. Cas chose these names since they are the names of famous musicians Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, a hilarious mishap by the fallen angel.

3 Stark & Banner

Sam and Dean pose as Agents Stark and Banner in Supernatural

How Sam and Dean did not get arrested far more than they did is beyond the minds of fans, especially when they walk up to military officers and claim to be Agents Stark and Banner.

This happens in season 9, which came out in 2014, smack bang in the middle of the hype surrounding the MCU, so how they got away with posing as Tony Stark and Bruce Banner is ludicrous but hilarious.

2 Clint Eastwood & Walker

Dean Winchester Cowboy Supernatural

Nowadays, since the end of Supernatural, Jared Padalecki has been starring in Walker. While The Simpsons is usually known for its future-predicting tendencies, back in “Frontierland,” Supernatural seemed to do just that for Padalecki.

After arriving back in time to an old western town, Dean poses as Clint Eastwood, giving Sam the name Walker, calling him a Texas Ranger. This is, of course, referencing Eastwood as a famous western actor – a genre Dean is seriously nerdy about – and the show Walker, Texas Ranger.

1 Plant & Page (& Bonham & Jones)

Sam mocks Dean for his casette tape collection and Dean says Driver Picks the music shotgun shuts his cakehole in Supernatural

When it comes to Dean’s love of music and “the greatest hits of mullet rock,” as Sam calls it, Led Zeppelin is the be-all-end-all. A favorite of not only Dean and his father John, but to show creator Eric Kripke, there are references aplenty to the rock legends.

The Winchesters use countless music aliases. From Metallica to AC/DC to Ted Nugent to Bon Jovi to so many more. Led Zeppelin, though, is one of their go-to’s. The boys, along with Cas, rotate through the names Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham, with the band being referenced numerous times in the show’s fifteen seasons in various ways.

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