The 100 Prequel Series Not Moving Forward At The CW



The CW officially shelves plans for a prequel series for the hit sci-fi show The 100, which began with last year’s backdoor pilot episode.

The CW network has officially shelved plans for The 100 prequel series which had been in development since 2019. The original series, which is based on the best-selling sci-fi novels by author Kass Morgan, made its television debut in 2014. Following a group of young adolescents who return to Earth 97 years after a devastating nuclear apocalypse nearly destroyed all life on the planet, the hit series ran for seven seasons, with the show’s 100th and final episode airing in September of last year.

In 2019, series creator Jason Rothenberg had commenced work on a prequel series to the original show, with the intention of setting it 97 years before the events depicted in the main series, beginning with the nuclear apocalypse. The CW ordered a backdoor pilot episode, and Carnival Row’s Iola Evans was cast as Callie Cadogan, daughter of The 100’s season 7 antagonist Bill Cadogan, the founder of the protest group known as Trikru. That episode, titled “Anaconda,” went to air on July 8th, 2020 during the final season’s run. Since then, little else had been heard about the project, though CW CEO Mark Pedowitz claimed that the project was still being discussed as recently as May this year.

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It would seem, however, that those discussions have now come to an end with Deadline reporting that The CW will not be moving forward with the series. It would also seem that the options for Evans, along with Adain Bradley and Leo Howard, who also appeared in the backdoor pilot, had expired a year and a half ago. At this stage, it is not yet known whether Warner Bros. TV will consider shopping the project to alternate networks or services.

There is no doubt that this latest news will come as a bitter blow to fans of The 100, as the promise of a potential prequel series was a new and exciting way for audiences to continue exploring the world which had evolved over seven seasons. This, of course, is hardly the first time a backdoor pilot has failed to get off the ground over at The CW, with the long-running fan-favorite Supernatural failing to get not just one, but two, backdoor pilots off the ground in both 2014 and 2018. Also, while The CW’s teen drama, Gossip Girl, is now experiencing a second rebirth via the current HBO Max reboot, back in 2009, a prequel spinoff set in the 1980s also failed to make it to series order.

Of course, this will probably come as little consolation for fans of The 100 who would have been keeping their fingers crossed for better news concerning the prequel. While some may still be hoping on the odd chance that another network or streaming service may step in to pick the project up, chances are, this prequel will go the way of all the other television projects that were shelved before they could even happen. Surely, The 100’s devoted fanbase will eventually find another series to capture their imaginations and fill the void left by the original show coming to an end.

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Source: Deadline

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