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The Bravo network is known for airing reality shows with great theme songs. Each memorable tune suits the vibe of its respective show.

One of the best parts of Bravo shows, including Vanderpump Rules, is the theme songs, and it’s time to rank these songs, from the most entertaining to the least compelling. Nowadays, theme songs aren’t as common, especially on reality TV shows. Shahs of SunsetSouthern CharmSummer House, and Vanderpump Rules are Bravo shows outside of the Housewives franchise. Since they don’t have tagline intros, these shows feature songs that capture their essence instead.

When a Bravo reality TV show has a theme song, that tune becomes an anthem for the network. The song played at the beginning makes people more excited to watch. In some cases, the popular theme will be featured in a show’s teaser trailer, adding extra drama to an upcoming season. These songs will always be remembered by the viewers.

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Out of the many Bravo shows with theme songs, there are four distinct tunes that really hit the mark. Each song is different and creates a vibe for its respective show. A series’ location may be the historic city of Charleston (as with Southern Charm), the lavish city of Los Angeles on Shahs of Sunset and Vanderpump Rules, or the beaches of the Hamptons (for Summer House). When a person listens to a theme, they are automatically transported to that world. Now, it’s time to rank the tunes.

4. Southern Charm: “It’s Easy” By Mia Sable

The Bravo series Southern Charm has graced TV screens since 2014. The show centers around a group of young and elite socialites in Charleston, South Carolina. “It’s Easy” by Mia Sable has been the show’s main song from the beginning. It was released two years prior, in 2012, but fits the show’s premise perfectly. Mia‘s lyrics read, “He’s got money, he’s in magazines / He’s got more honeys than any honeybee.” The songwriter didn’t realize she wrote a song that accurately describes some of the cast members on Southern Charm. While this song isn’t as recognizable as others, it still resonates with fans.

3. Shahs of Sunset: “We Run LA” By Doc Hollywood (Feat. Ya Boy)

Shahs of Sunset is one of Bravo’s longest-running reality TV shows, and it premiered in 2012. The series is about a group of wealthy Persian friends living in Los Angeles. Its theme song, “We Run LA,” by Doc Hollywood (feat. Ya Boy) is upbeat and matches the energy of the show. When the episode starts, there are clips of the cast enjoying Los Angeles as the song plays in the background. However, the most recent season didn’t feature the theme song. The well-known track is a hit with longtime Shahs of Sunset fans, who used to live for it when the show aired each week. Hopefully, it will make a comeback in the next season.

2. Summer House: “We Never Stop” By Memoir

Summer House

The reality TV series Summer House first launched on Bravo in 2017. “We Never Stop” by Memoir is the theme song, but it wasn’t played in the current season. On the show, the beginning credits are snapshots of the housemates escaping their weekday jobs in NYC to travel to a summer getaway in the Hamptons for the weekend. Fans of the show love the song because it’s a great one to jam out to, while traveling to the Hamptons or whenever. Bravoholics look forward to hearing the catchy tune every week. It was written specifically for the show, and fans can find it on the Memoir page at SoundCloud. Since Summer House grew its following during season 5, there’s a possibility that its theme song could return for season 6.

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1. Vanderpump Rules: “Raise Your Glass” By Memoir

Lisa Vanderpump’s 2013 spinoff Vanderpump Rules is legendary in the Bravo universe. The theme song, “Raise Your Glass,” became part of the show’s identity. The opening titles of Vanderpump Rules introduce SUR employees, who are holding cocktails and serving trays in slow motion. These intros have gone viral and were even recreated by celebrities, including Seth Rogen and Jennifer Lawrence. Memoir also performed the song on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2016. The Vanderpump Rules theme song is so different from the Southern Charm, Shahs of Sunset, and Summer House themes. It doubled as background music in the Vanderpump Rules season 8 trailer and finale episode. This tune has earned the top spot as the best Bravo theme song.

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