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The Kickstarter campaign for Resident Evil: The Board Game just launched, yet the project has already surpassed its initial funding goal.

As previously promised, Resident Evil: The Board Game went live on Kickstarter today, October 26, and has already blown past its $137,657 funding goal. Publisher Capcom partnered with Steamforged Games for the project, hardly a surprise given the tabletop game developer’s past work on the Resident 2 and Resident Evil 3 board games. Steamforged also crafted the board game experiences for Dark Souls and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Capcom and Steamforged announced the new Resident Evil adventure in late September, promising a Kickstarter launch for Autumn 2021. The board game will offer a cooperative one to four-player survival horror experience, one set in the iconic Spencer Mansion that entered pop culture canon alongside Resident Evil in 1996. Steamforged noted in the original announcement’s press release that this particular Resident Evil endeavor will serve as a “crowning celebration of a tabletop survival horror experience that’s been years in the making.” Evidently, there are plenty of RE faithful eager to see how the developer accomplishes such an ambitious feat.

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The celebration of Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary presses on with the rollout of a Kickstarter campaign for Resident Evil: The Board Game. It went live today with a funding goal set at exactly $137,657. Though only hours have passed, more than 3,000 backers have pledged their support. As such, Resident Evil: The Board Game already sits at full funding, courtesy of over $790,000 worth of support at the time of writing. Details on the Kickstarter page note the project’s expected ship date of March 2023. The crowd-funding campaign itself will come to an end in about two weeks on Thursday, November 11. Steamforged released the following trailer last week:

Resident Evil: The Board Game will allow players to explore the open world of Resident Evil’s iconic Spencer Mansion, as they work to unearth the myriad secrets hidden within its haunted halls. Divided into “spine-tingling scenarios,” the game will take Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, and Barry Burton through claustrophobic corridors and mysterious doors, with the map set to expand as users continue navigating their surroundings.

The package will boast four player characters, a rule book, scenario book, six dice, 11 dials, 100-plus tokens, 250-plus cards, 21 double-sided tiles, and 28 enemies. Steamforged also plans to develop three expansions – Bleak Outpost, Into the Darkness, and Retro Pack – all of which will come with the Alpha Pledge, which is valued at approximately $299 USD.

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Resident Evil: The Board Game is expected to begin shipping in March 2023.

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