The Crown & Normal People Stars Join WW1-Era LGBTQ Romance Movie



Actors Josh O’Connor (The Crown) and Paul Mescal (Normal People) are joining forces in the new World War I romance, The History of Sound.

Actors Josh O’Connor (The Crown) and Paul Mescal (Normal People) are joining forces in the new World War I romance, The History of SoundThe film will be helmed by Queer Palm winner, Oliver Hermanus, and the script will be adapted by Ben Shattuck from his own award winning short story. The film was announced by production company End Cue, and is being co-financed by Film4.

O’Connor and Mescal’s casting was announced in a recent report by THR. The two actors will be playing the lead characters Lionel (Mescal) and David (O’Connor). While the film is not scheduled to begin production until 2022, the film’s producer, Andrew Kortschak, has already described the experience of working with Mescal and O’Connor as an immense privilege.

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The History of Sound will follow the story of Lionel and David as they set out to record the lives, voices, and music of their countrymen during World War I, and has been described as a “universal love story.” Director Oliver Hermanus has described it as “a journey through the life of America, across the 20th century and the traditions of American folk music, all seen through the bond between two men immersed in the history of sound.” Principal photography is set to begin in 2022 and will be filmed mostly in the U.S., however, the shoot is also expected to take the cast and crew to location shoots in the U.K. and Italy as well. At this early stage, the filmmakers have yet to announce a release date for The History of Sound

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