The Rancor Will Be Hasbro’s Biggest Star Wars: Black Series Figure Ever



Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Rancor figure will be Hasbro Pulse’s biggest Black Series Figure ever created and carries a hefty price tag.

Hasbro has unveiled their biggest Star Wars Black Series figure with the Rancor from Return of the Jedi. The Rancor was first seen in Return of the Jedi, where it lived in a pit underneath Jabba’s Palace and served as entertainment for the crime lord. Jabba would drop his enemies into the pit in order to have the Rancor eat them and would sometimes put other creatures in the pit for the Rancor to fight. The Rancor’s life came to an end when Jabba dropped Luke Skywalker into the pit, who defeated the beast by closing the massive cell door on it, crushing and killing it.

The Star Wars Black Series from Hasbro is their signature line of figures and accessories that are made with exceptional detail, capturing all manner of characters, vehicles, weapons and creatures from a galaxy far, far away. The Black Series is dedicated to creating the most accurate, detailed, and specific items from the Star Wars universe, which allow fans to experience the toys from all corners of it. With figures from the films, TV shows, games, and more, The Black Series covers all things Star Wars, be it action figures, light sabers or large-scale recreations of famous creatures and vehicles.

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Hasbro has now announced that the Rancor is joining The Black Series, and it’s the biggest Star Wars Black Series figure to date. The Rancor will be available through Hasbro’s HasLab, their crowdfunding platform, which raises money to create the figure in question. Once fully funded, the figure goes into production and typically carries a hefty price tag, such as the Rancor, which is clocking in at $349.99. The funding period for the Rancor is open through December 6th, 2021. The Rancor sports an “arm span of 42 inches (106.68 cm) from talon to talon, a height of 17.5 inches (44.45 cm), and the ability to extend to be 27 inches tall (68.58 cm) with arms raised up.” In addition, the figure “has over 45 points of articulation, more than The Black Series 29-point standard.” Check out some images of the digital mock-up below:





HasLab has created some amazing products through their crowdfunding, including The Mandalorian‘s Razor Crest and Jabba’s Sail Barge (The Khetanna). Beyond the Star Wars universe, HasLab has also funded things like a Transformers: War For Cybertron Unicron, a Marvel Legends Galactus, an X-Men Legends Marvel’s Sentinel, a G.I. Joe Skystriker, and more. One of the cooler things about the HasLab crowdfunding model is that as tiers are unlocked, additional features are added to the project, giving it more detail and accessories.

While not everyone can afford to drop a massive amount on some of The Black Series items, those who are seeking something more for their collection may well find the investment worth it. Fans of Return of the Jedi may find the Rancor a happy addition to their Star Wars universe of collectibles, and for those looking to create a to-scale play-set recreation of the iconic scene, this is their answer. One can only hope that the additional tiers will unlock a Gamorrean Guard or even perhaps a Luke Skywalker to feed to this massive beast.

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