Topher Grace Suits Up As Iron Man In Home Economics Season 2 Trailer



That 70’s Show alum Topher Grace suits up as Iron Man in a trailer for an episode of the ABC sitcom Home Economics, but he isn’t the only one.

Topher Grace dresses up as Iron Man in a trailer for Home Economics season 2. Returning to sitcoms after his stint as Eric Foreman in That 70’s Show, Grace plays Tom Hayworth in Home Economics. An author, who is struggling to find ideas for his next book, Tom decides to write about his family and their notably different financial situations. Tom and his wife, Marina (Karla Souza), are middle-class. His younger brother, Connor (Jimmy Tatro), is a rich private equity firm owner. The middle sibling Sarah (Caitlin McGee) and her wife, Denise (Sasheer Zamata), just barely get through in the first season.

The premise, partially inspired by the real experiences of writer and executive producer Michael Colton, sees the Hayworth family clash over their differences but ultimately unite over their shared love for each other. In the Halloween episode of Home Economics season 2, the Hayworths decide to spend the spooky holiday apart from each other. But they all, for the most part, agree to dress up as Marvel superheroes. And, in fact, more than one character gets the idea to suit up as Iron Man.

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In the preview of the Halloween episode, which is the sixth installment of season 2, Tom dresses up as Iron Man, and Marina channels Black Widow with her costume. Besides the Iron Man vibes, it offers viewers a chance to indulge in a bit of alternate MCU casting. You can check out the preview, from the official Twitter for Home Economics, below.

In the episode, which is available to stream on Hulu, other impressive costumes are seen.  Denise dresses up as Shuri. The kids on the show also show their Marvel love, choosing to be Gamora, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, and Captain Marvel. And, in a particularly amusing bit, the babies of the Hayworth family are Thor and Loki. The only outlier of the main characters is Sarah, who decides to spend Halloween as the abolitionist and women’s rights activist Lucretia Mott. The funniest part of the Marvel crossover, which is made easier by the fact that ABC is owned by Disney, is that Connor clearly has the more impressive but less practical Iron Man costume.

Home Economics has been picked up for a full season at ABC, which means it will run for 22 episodes. For some fans, watching Grace’s latest role, they’ll be reminded of the actor’s turn as Eddie Brock / Venom in Spider-Man 3. While he might not be the best fit for Iron Man, given that he’s known for playing nebbish goofs or deceptively sinister villains, it’s interesting to consider where Grace might fit in the current MCU.

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Source: Home Economics / Twitter

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