Vanguard Bomb Defusing Glitch Breaks Its Search & Destroy Mode



Call of Duty’s latest installment, Vanguard, already has a potentially exploitable glitch causing problems in its Search and Destroy mode.

A potentially exploitable glitch in Call of Duty: Vanguard came to light immediately following its official release, presenting a possible advantage to those playing in its Search and Destroy mode. Vanguard released this past week on November 5 to mostly positive reviews, with critics praising its new Zombies mode.

Various installments in the Call of Duty franchise include Search and Destroy mode, an elimination-based battle that pits an attacking team against a defending team. The attacking team is tasked with either killing off the entire defending team, or detonating explosives in one of two designated bomb sites. In most iterations of Search and Destroy mode, the first team to win four rounds is crowned the victor. A variety of different strategies can help lead a team to success; a helpful defensive team approach is to locate the attack team’s planted bombs and defuse them before detonation.

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Call of Duty Twitch streamer MuTeX (via Game Rant) recently posted a video after encountering an apparent bomb defusing glitch in Vanguard’s Search and Destroy mode. MuTeX tweeted, “[I’m] 100% sure there are some people abusing this bomb defusing glitch. I just lost a wager match due to this glitch.” Also a Warzone expertMuTeX then explained the bug occurs after a bomb is planted. After dropping the bomb and readying it to detonate, the “Defend” icon pops up above the site – which is seemingly normal. However, after a player begins their process to defuse the bomb, this icon changes to say “Defuse Target.” As a result, those who planted the bomb are essentially notified when the explosive is at risk of being defused – allowing players to have an advantage if simply hiding nearby, out of sight, until the “Defend” icon changes.

MuTeX added that – although the glitch may appear to be an intentional addition to the Search and Destroy mode gameplay – the “Defuse Target” label is likely an accident, seeing as previous Call of Duty games’ Search and Destroy modes lack this feature. The Vanguard beta reportedly had some seriously disruptive issues; causing developer Sledgehammer Games to respond with bug fixes, graphical changes and an overhaul of its audio mixing as recently as this past October 28.

Although not ideal, games sometimes have various glitches immediately after launch. That said, Call of Duty games, such as Warzone, are extremely susceptible to game-breaking exploits and hackers. Vanguard’s pre-release beta even experienced hackers, who could swiftly and prematurely end matches. With this in mind, it is possible the Search and Destroy mode bomb defusing glitch won’t be Vanguard’s biggest issues.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: MuTeX/Twitter, Game Rant

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