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Micah Plath left Georgia to pursue modeling in LA during the Welcome to Plathville season 3 finale. Here’s everything he’s been up to since the show.

Micah Plath shocked fans on the Welcome to Plathville season 3 finale when he left his home to pursue his dreams in Los Angeles. Micah started his career on the show and continued his modeling in Miami, all while fans got to see his modeling progress throughout the season. Now, fans are excited to know what kind of modeling he’s been doing since leaving for the Golden State. So, here’s everything Micah has been up to since the show ended.

Welcome to Plathville star Micah is one of nine Plath siblings raised by their Christian fundamentalist parents. He grew up spending all of his time working on a farm rather than watching TV and playing video games. Micah rebelled against his strict parents Kim and Barry Plath when he decided he wanted to be a model. With his parents eventually on board, Micah started seriously pursuing modeling and fans have seen several behind-the-scenes moments from his photoshoots on the show. In Welcome to Plathville season 2, fans found out that Micah and Moriah were essentially kicked out of their home for being bad influences on their younger siblings, forcing them to support themselves financially.


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Moriah and Micah have both inspired fans with their maturity during all of their family struggles. By the end of season 3, Micah seemed to have had enough of Moriah and was looking for a change. When Moriah announced she was leaving for Tallahassee with Olivia, Ethan, and Max, Micah chose not to go with them. He opted to live by himself, and fans thought he’d continue living in his house in Cairo. After being asked by a Welcome to Plathville producer, Moriah told them Micah had chosen to move to California for better modeling opportunities.

In November, Micah shared an Instagram picture of his “favorite hideout.” He was at some beautiful hiking spot and seems to have already acclimated to LA life. Many fans were worried about the culture shock of moving from rural Georgia to a big city like LA, but Micah seems to be enjoying his life on the West Coast. He posted a video of his grueling workout and let fans know that he’s been focusing on calisthenics to maintain his physique. Micah also announced that he’s still single and having fun with various dating apps.

Welcome to Plathville fans are loving that Micah shot some unique polaroid headshots with an LA-based photographer. He was also a guest on a podcast called So Bad It’s Good where he talked about his experience filming a reality show with his family. Micah has previously gone to a dialect coach so that he’s able to drop his southern accent for auditions. Thus, he may be looking for acting roles as well. Besides Welcome to Plathville, Micah hasn’t racked up other appearances or acting gigs yet. But fans do hope to see more of Micah on their screen in the future.

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