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Michael Durham is the latest primary charter guest to appear on Below Deck. Here’s everything you need to know about the luxury real estate broker.

Michael Durham made his debut as a charter guest on Below Deck on Monday’s brand-new episode. The primary charter guest came onboard the My Seanna in St. Knits along with some of his colleagues, including Justin Richards, a fellow real estate agent. The crew knew this group was going to be quite the handful before they made it on board, and the guests didn’t disappoint. Not only did chief stew Heather Chase have to break up a fight between guests, but they were quite rude to Captain Lee during their night one dinner.

Even though Michael was one of the less rowdy of the guests, his colleagues Terri and Justin were some of the worst from the charter. Terri had a little too much bourbon during dinner, which caused her to annoy Lee while repeatedly sharing she too was from Michigan. As for Justin, who is on Captain Lee’s My Seanna yacht, he left the table in the middle of an argument and proceeded to have his dinner at the back of the yacht, where the crew stores the toys. Luckily, Michael wasn’t there when Terri and Justin got into their infamous fight.


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According to Michael‘s LinkedIn profile, he is a Seattle-based luxury real estate broker who works for Keller Williams. He appears to have started working for the company in 2017, which is where he met the colleagues who joined him for a yacht vacation in St. Knits. Michael began his career as a broker in 2016 and never looked back. Before becoming a commercial and luxury real estate agent, Michael, who has to follow rules on board, briefly worked as a loan officer with Pacific Finance Group and as a Commercial Capital with the Legacy Group. Michael’s LinkedIn profile also lists what he cares and is passionate about. Some of those topics include social services, politics, environment, children, animal welfare, and veteran support.

Below Deck Michael Durham

Other than his career, there isn’t much information online pertaining to Michael. Nonetheless, Michael must be doing quite well as a relator seeing that he’s the primary guest on the boat. Unlike his other colleagues, Michael was polite and respectful to the crew and Captain Lee. Michael’s colleague, Justin, spoke kind of rudely to the other people sitting at the table. Fans think that Justin, who is a rowdy charter guest like Roy Orbinson Jr., was disrespectful to the crew on board. Instead of going back to the table like an adult, he decided to eat by the swim platform and had the crew serve him there. Justin later got into a verbal altercation with his colleague, Terri, but Michael didn’t see the argument. Luckily, Heather and first officer Eddie Lucas were there to stop the altercation from going any further.

While there isn’t much information on Michael other than his career endeavors, he seems like a pleasant person on Below Deck. This week, he managed to stay out of the drama this week. Alas, who knows what next week’s episode will reveal about Michael.

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Below Deck airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Source: Michael Durham/LinkedIn

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