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Reality Steve has not revealed that many spoilers for Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. He has been more careful about what he spoils.

So far, Reality Steve hasn’t revealed many spoilers for Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. In seasons past, Steve would not only provide up-to-date information as the season was filming, but he would basically share a play-by-play of every episode on his website. In those posts, he’d include the suitors who went home, who went on a one-on-one date, who was on the group dates, and even which contestants received a rose.

However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, Reality Steve, who said Wells won’t host, hasn’t been updating his readers with so much in-depth information, especially for Michelle’s season. His episode-by-episode posts for her season don’t have as many details, so fans do not know exactly who goes home when. Even though he has revealed who Michelle’s final pick is and whether or not she’s engaged, fans are missing out on the small details he used to spoil in seasons past.

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Reality Steve has been a lot more careful about what he spoils for Michelle’s season as he had recently received backlash from Bachelor franchise alums. In April, Demi Burnett called him out for inappropriate behavior and for outing her before she could come out as bisexual. After that, Steve, who revealed the next Bachelor, confirmed he would no longer have personal relationships or friendships with people within Bachelor Nation. Since this announcement, Steve hasn’t been spoiling the seasons like he used to. Another factor as to why he has fewer spoilers is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic began in March 2020, Steve’s spoiler capacity has decreased each season.

While he still provides important information, such as who gets engaged and photos that sources send him, Steve has been offering fewer spoilers in recent years. Judging by the season 18 spoilers, Steve is focusing more on giving the fans the most important bit of information: who Michelle is engaged to. While fans enjoy the play-by-play, Steve is now focusing on sharing small bits of information more often than not. However, while the season is airing, Steve will sometimes reveal something that he knew beforehand but didn’t have enough information to back it up until the episode. Nonetheless, Steve continues to recap the show both on his blog and live on social media. Sometimes, while he is live-tweeting or right before the new episode, Steve will share a spoiler he has never revealed before.

All in all, Reality Steve’s spoilers have been a staple to many Bachelor fans. Now that he has pulled back on them a bit for Michelle’s season, some viewers are missing his more in-depth spoilers. At least Steve was able to reveal who Michelle, who has no night one regrets, chose as her final pick.

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